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Is it dumb to post here? (11)

1 Name: Bookworm : 2007-11-12 21:40 ID:MD0mwgOE

Anyone else think that it's kind of absurd to post here? I'm pretty sure that at least 85% of 4ch reads nothing that isn't online.

2 Name: Bookworm : 2007-11-12 23:21 ID:NY7aJpj6

>>1 is a hypocrit for posting such a stupid thread in the first place

3 Name: Bookworm : 2007-11-13 03:57 ID:Lmz6kU/7

I know right. It's been a while since I've fixed my eyes on a book for more than an hour or two.

4 Name: Bookworm : 2007-11-15 01:08 ID:BKNlKQm1

It is entirely possible to use the net AND read books. Saying otherwise is perpatrating stereotypes.

5 Name: Bookworm : 2007-11-16 00:42 ID:Heaven

>It is entirely possible to use the net AND read books.

Not at the same time though. That ends in nothing but confusion.

6 Name: Bookworm : 2007-11-18 02:10 ID:eh5FjzVJ

Many classical literatures are available online as electronic text nowadays.

7 Name: Bookworm : 2007-11-18 14:08 ID:3qbtZWpt

OP is wrong. I love books.

8 Name: Bookworm : 2007-11-24 01:45 ID:onJ2v25O

umm I find it's better to post on any of these text boards than on imageboards. I'm just so afraid I'll get made fun of by other /b/tards.

9 Name: Bookworm : 2007-11-30 04:57 ID:Heaven

I love books. Though I think it's unfair to discount the internet as "unliterate" or whatever. There's the Gutenberg project and stuff, yeah, but...I have been truly amazed by the beauty and veracity of some internet copypasta. Or at least some good writing.

Entire post...

10 Name: Bookworm : 2008-02-27 17:11 ID:FqHmKlw8

"The copypasta" may become the great new literary form of the 21st century, just as "the film" overtook "the novel."

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