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[WANTED] Perl Programmer for 4-ch (26)

5 Name: Sky Eye!fsXRziHFZE 2005-08-22 12:18 ID:QhtK0GVn

Actually, i'm currently building a system like this one, but i'm not using perl. I'm using PHP and MySQL. If you interested, put your message here, i'll check it later ^^

The reason i use Php is that :

  1. It's the best language i can code, i can't do perl.
  2. I already search over the web, system like this one is only three of it's kind existed (CMIIMW). The one you use, the 2ch has been using, but no source of it (of course). And one with PHP, but i don't like the management system, so i would like code it myself.

But i'm now very busy at school. Maybe i expect it will be done in about a month or less.