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1 Name: #!/usr/bin/anonymous : 2007-09-30 02:12 ID:qylxlvoZ

There seems to be a problem with the way favicons ( are currently used.

  1. As Wikipedia notes, the historical way of checking /favicon.ico, a reserved location, violates the architecture of the web. In more practical terms, it forces every site and page associated with a hostname to have the same favicon.
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29 Name: #!/usr/bin/anonymous : 2007-12-28 16:12 ID:pV9aX/uh


They aren't mutually exclusive.

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30 Name: #!/usr/bin/anonymous : 2007-12-30 12:00 ID:Heaven


> Other browsers put them in the tabs, or address bar, or even in the window-icon so you can find that web-application in your alt-tab list.
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31 Name: #!/usr/bin/anonymous : 2007-12-30 19:02 ID:pV9aX/uh


If you have sixty windows open, you would prefer 60 blue e's floating in a scrollable alt-tab box?

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32 Name: #!/usr/bin/anonymous : 2007-12-31 11:14 ID:ni5tNuV0

One can overlay two icons. Bigish app icon, with the favicon in a corner, smallish. It works great (Konqueror does this). What would be neat is if there was some indication of how many tabs any given browser window does have open, but that might be possible with some title bar magic, I dunno.

33 Name: #!/usr/bin/anonymous : 2007-12-31 19:20 ID:Heaven

>>32 Hey now that's a clever idea. Perhaps superimposing the tab-icons as sigils around the browser icon would work well so long as the alt-tab icon was big enough.

34 Name: #!/usr/bin/anonymous : 2008-01-01 14:27 ID:LfUrF1ax

Who the hell has 60 windows open? Tabbed browsing wasn't invented yesterday.

35 Name: #!/usr/bin/anonymous : 2008-01-02 08:59 ID:Ckt98W+7

Some people leave tabbing to the window manager. It's a fair approach, really -- doesn't require the application to lift a finger.

36 Name: #!/usr/bin/anonymous : 2008-01-02 13:45 ID:jBytyn0Q

I think that's the right approach; but until the popular window managers implement it, they're going to be implemented in each program instead.

37 Name: #!/usr/bin/anonymous : 2008-01-02 19:53 ID:Heaven


Emerald supports it, and is quickly becoming a default for many GNOME users.

38 Name: #!/usr/bin/anonymous : 2008-01-02 22:25 ID:qylxlvoZ

Finally, window managers with tabs. I noticed a few years ago that every program under the sun was implementing tabs itself...