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15 Name: #!/usr/bin/anonymous : 2008-08-19 14:42 ID:0uXtHFYw

>The web is a bad format for actual design like you see in magazines - it degrades painfully

yes, because static magazine designs in print degrade so wonderfully.

>and often makes websites impossible to view in earlier or text-only browsers.

Since txt only browsers don't render CSS, CSS has nothing to do with how text browsers display a sites HTML. The sites HTML is what determines how text browsers display webpages. CSS does not have a bearing on the HTML. If for some reason it does they are doing it wrong and that is not CSSes fault.

>Not to mention most "designers" don't understand it from a usability standpoint and use bad color combinations that make reading text difficult for the colorblind.

CSS has notthing to do with a designers choice of colors to use. CSS can use any color and does not in any waydictate which colors are chosen for anything.

What a terrible post.