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Estonia??? NO SUCH NATION. (24)

1 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2014-03-20 15:02 ID:fWlf/ezt

800-1200 A.D. Raids and counter-raids by Vikings around the Baltic Sea, including by Estonian Vikings. Most famous of those events is when Estonians kidnapped the Norwegian Queen Astrid and her son and future King, Olaf Trygvesson.

1030 Novgorod’s Prince occupies Tarbatu and founds town of Juryev (now Tartu). Juryev was recaptured and destroyed in 1061 by Estonians who invaded Pskov.

1208 – 1227 Estonia is confronted by, and subsequently converted to, Christianity and is occupied by foreign powers: Teutonic Orders and Danes. The Germans become landed gentry and wield huge influence for 700 years.

1561 Control over Estonia goes to Sweden. This starts the so-called ‘Swedish Golden age in Estonia’.

You can read more here:

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15 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2015-06-01 23:53 ID:tjXX8t7X

Estonia has a Texas themed restaurant, so its pretty much a legitimate nation in Texas's eyes. If that means anything.

16 Post deleted.

17 Post deleted.

18 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2017-03-14 14:18 ID:m5Xdgvgn

dicks out for Harambe

19 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-06-02 19:02 ID:8vTsKSyg

20 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-06-06 08:19 ID:8vTsKSyg

Hi, I am from Russia, Moscow and I visited Estonia in 2013. I must say that I was very much impressed with Tallinn, it is a beautiful european city (which I can't say about my native town, Moscow) blooming with tourists from all over the world, and personally I believe that Estonia will be the second Finland by 2050. I did not participate in the illegal occupation of Estonia and I want to say that not all russians are like that...

21 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-06-09 14:17 ID:Heaven

yeah, and Russin will always remain Russia.

22 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-10-17 16:15 ID:BDrLtcYk


23 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-11-28 14:11 ID:E9uq5gAJ

Estonians are an Uralic people whose original homeland was in Siberia around the Uralic mountains. Estonians are related to Saamis, Komis, Finns, Udmurts etc. Traditionally hunters-gatherers, they learned the art of agriculture at some time after arriving at the Baltic Sea. Any Indo-European traits you may see in them are of foreign origin. Their language is obscure and archaic in structure, although its lexicon has been contaminated with Germanic loanwords and Slavic euphemisms.

24 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-11-30 03:01 ID:KBKsa03v

> Estonians are an Uralic people whose original homeland was in Siberia around the Uralic mountains.

in other words you are debased russians. please ask daddy putin to annex you and deport you back to siberia while he sends pureblood russian strongmen to defend the motherland against fat orange man's CIA plants in the "european union" :)

finland is fake nation too btw, just the part of sweden that we took after we buttfucked them

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[LGBT] Iceman is suddenly gay. What gives? (10)

1 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2015-05-19 20:38 ID:IEQfjfG+

I know that this is old news, but I've been kind of angry about this for a long time.

Before I begin, I must preface: I have nothing against homosexuals or any other member of the LGBT group or any of its members based purely on the fact that they are a member of this organization. Now then...

As far as I know, Iceman has never shown any homosexual intentions or signs. Of course, that's not to say that the creator had the intention of him being gay. But in the official comic that came out recently [(^Д^)], it shows that the older version of Iceman is not, while the younger is. Is this a sign of Marvel overcompensating for homophobia in its past or it trying be culturally relevant? What gives?

2 Post deleted.

3 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2015-07-22 06:54 ID:o/Ybb1PC

Since its Bendis, he totally just thought that Marvel could use some more gay people. Its the kind of guy he is.

I'm totally for gay people in the X-Men by the way. They've always been stand-ins for minorities in society, so of course there'd be some mutants representing the LGBT spectrum.

4 Post deleted.

5 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2017-03-06 20:23 ID:kexBCe4A

dicks out for Harambe

6 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-08-15 21:46 ID:Bdm58/yO

And then he ends up being trash and rejecting his own mother, lol.

7 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-10-05 21:04 ID:QGC5NFKA

Homosexuality is a illegitimate, it is not a sexual orientation it is a psychological (and maybe biological) disorder.
People who suffer from this illness should be treated as mentally ill and should be helped, those who wish to push this illness (such as the jews) should be killed.
We are at a point in time where we either put the stake in the sand and declare what is right and wrong and MAKE this world a better place by WILL POWER or we allow jews and their mentally ill golem to destroy humanity.
I don't have the energy right now to go through the web and post links here to every one of their attacks but I'll list a few recent attacks on humanity by the LGBTPQ+ "community"

  • distort peoples sense of reality ie blurring the lines between the sexes.

indoctrinating young children into poisoning their bodies with synthetic hormones in order to appropriate the appearance and identity of the opposite sex (this serves the jews because a million chemically castrated racially European children cannot pose a threat to them in the near future)

  • abolish scientific reality and any sense of morality by rendering everything as a "social construct"
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8 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-11-10 12:48 ID:Heaven

>>7 this copypasta? I hope it is.

9 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-11-11 17:59 ID:Bdm58/yO

Copypasta or not, is it right?

10 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-11-24 05:04 ID:80sFEf7k

It's certainly alt-right.

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The JS - "jewish solution" (6)

1 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-10-05 20:56 ID:iTBXnENb

How do we deal with the hooked nosed beasts once and for all?
I think if anything this is the best place to discuss the real final solution, I'm pretty sure the JIDF glow in the dark niggers have no clue about 4-ch.
Here we can peacefully and freely discuss our plans to exterminate this evil force.

2 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-10-19 07:09 ID:qgXv22rd

If you can't beat them, join them.

Start studying your Torah today because I hear most denominations demand pretty high standards from converts.

3 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-11-11 17:58 ID:OqaEA11e

We'll pull the sun over to burn them out, then everyone else out. Then we'll fight them in the death.

4 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-11-18 17:26 ID:eewHIQFg

It's a problem that solves itself every now and then, as it has in the past. Although technology has gone very far and there has been a lot of investment from TPTB to end lashback that follows from their practices, I think that the boiling point will be reached before they manage to install a totalitarian world regime, and the advent of the internet and widespread information will allow for fingers to be pointed at the perpetrators and we will all learn once and for all why certain things (like NatSoc Germany) happened.
That said, I'm not advocating for you to remain passive, people who point them out everytime they show up their hook-nosed face to call for mass migration, to practice their usury, to push for war or in general to just subvert their host nation are already doing their part. I think more can be done, if you go out like Patrick Little and directly confront people about it you will bring it more and more into the general public's attention, and they themselves, after having it being brought to their attention, will begin to connect the dots. Society is very drugged up but not everyone likes it this way and the world is inherently unstable, all that's needed is a catalyst for a change in values and the JQ will be propped up if knowledge of them (the jews) is more widespread.

5 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-11-20 00:07 ID:H5hr12sB

OK, but once you deal with the jewish menace how will you deal with the reptilian alien menace?

I think the two are keeping each other in check. Wiping one out would upset their delicate balance of power and lead to the brutal and complete subjugation of humanity.

6 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-11-20 07:09 ID:eewHIQFg

Like always, knowledge is very important. It is important to know that not most people (like a very tiny minority actually) is aware of the collective group of aliens that want to take over our species. At some point humanity will have to accept that it is, contrary to popular belief, living in a very well populated sector of the galaxy and that is rife with competition, we will have to learn to trust more our inner source of knowledge (our connection to god) and rely less on our intellect when dealing with these aliens. I believe that at first, once and if humankind manages to handle the menace that currently threatens our every day reality, a handful of benevolent and wise leaders will guide humanity into its proper place among this interstellar community, a priest class basically that has developed gnosis within themselves and understands what needs to be negiotiated to guarantee that the human species is not pulled into being a slave of the alien collectives.

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Lets discuss the Nazi heritage (160)

1 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2014-08-28 11:22 ID:3uV9qtXy

You may post whatever interests you

I like watching Nazi parades and look at beautiful Nazi leaders

151 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-09-15 21:49 ID:Heaven

посмотрите фотку скрипаля и фотку мойдодыра из беспредел

мойдодыр - сергей скрипаль

153 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-09-15 21:53 ID:Heaven

короче, ГРУ и ФСБ обеспечивает жизнь кремлевским деткам

154 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-09-19 01:14 ID:Heaven

от своей матери - ГЭБЭШНОЙ БЛЯДИ - Тани - Я ОТРЕКАЮСЬ.




155 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-09-19 01:14 ID:Heaven



156 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-09-19 01:15 ID:Heaven



157 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-09-19 01:17 ID:Heaven

АДОЛЬФ фон ПУТЛЕР - должен варить борщ. так ему на роду было написано

158 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-09-19 01:48 ID:Heaven




159 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-10-09 07:34 ID:+YoD1EdI

как сейчас новое поколение кинуло своих дедов ветеранов, также и ваши дети поступят с вами, лол

тут никаких сомнений

160 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-10-11 17:52 ID:+YoD1EdI

nuke ussr nuke

gas all kgb kikes

gas all kpss family

find them everywhere - and GAS THEM

sieg heil

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It's okay to punch a Nazi (11)

1 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2017-10-30 23:31 ID:I+G9D4rt

It's okay to punch a Nazi

2 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-04-18 21:25 ID:TkopAkk6

It's okay to have a black kid

3 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-04-18 21:51 ID:TkopAkk6

all people are equal, so it is okay to punch a black kid

4 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-04-18 22:10 ID:TkopAkk6

It's okay to have a gay son

5 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-04-19 08:04 ID:TkopAkk6

6 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-04-21 21:25 ID:TkopAkk6

It is okay to deport an illegal alien.

7 Post deleted.

8 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-04-26 13:51 ID:TkopAkk6

The teaching of history should convey only facts and be free from political motives, personal opinions, biases, propaganda, and other common tactics of distortion. Every claim that is made about history should also be accompanied by documentation proving its basis. Only responsible scholarship and teaching should be permitted. Those who intend to support particular political interests and agendas should have their biased historical interpretations criticized for lacking proof.

9 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-05-16 14:11 ID:Heaven

It's okay to punch back!

10 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-05-17 17:43 ID:kQiuLueB


11 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-08-15 21:47 ID:FD2Hkt/5

its okay to punch your wifes kid

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What do you think of illegal immigrants? (32)

1 Name: Citizen : 2006-06-03 20:49 ID:sUPSLY1+

I am a Japanese and living in CA.
I wonder how Americans think about illegal immigrants.

23 Name: Citizen : 2007-01-29 21:27 ID:m1ADqF60


Or a permanent underclass...

24 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2009-12-02 00:51 ID:Heaven

Illegal immigrants come over here because we have entitlements that go out to them. Then every ten years or so congress passes an amnesty bill granting citizenship to millions of illegals overnight. It's unconstitutional, it's corrupt, it's downright insanity.

25 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2016-04-17 23:45 ID:bUn3cOXd

illegal immigrants should be expulsed.
wAsn't it kinda like this in viking-age scandinavia? those who committed some crimes were considered "lawless" and lost all "state" protection.

26 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2016-09-26 12:39 ID:iitv+fup



27 Post deleted.

28 Post deleted.

29 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2017-03-13 21:44 ID:FmOQQc1X

dicks out for Harambe

30 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2017-10-01 10:02 ID:Heaven

amusing thread considering the year

31 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-06-15 21:01 ID:Cl/uyreL


32 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-06-22 15:09 ID:Cl/uyreL

deport all illegal aliens NOW

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Is there any point to space-travel? (5)

1 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2014-09-08 03:54 ID:dNB93Xj+

I can't see any reason to waste any time on it. In the end, isn't all we need already here? Would life in space even be sustainable?

2 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2014-09-17 14:25 ID:K5nDobr+

I agree with you
fuck space

3 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2014-10-06 15:08 ID:dUOv/Xr0

To let the human race live on and not end it with the unavoidable end of the world.

4 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2017-03-12 13:29 ID:Imvv6CJV

dicks out for Harambe

5 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-05-19 14:35 ID:MVJAEr3s


pls read something about black holes

the death of our universe is inevitable

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Do you belive in miracles? (30)

1 Name: Mrhappy : 2009-06-04 13:44 ID:Jo0HB5OY

To start off let me say that I am an atheist, But not to long ago consented myself a deist. Now I have never beloved that A god or gods have any say in what goes on in our life. Just created the universe and let it be. But living in the bible belt of Texas I know for a fact that I am one of the only ones in my tri-county area to thank like this,
To start off let me say that I am an atheist, But not to long ago consented myself a deist. Now I have never beloved that A god or gods have any say in what goes on in our life. Just created the universe and let it be. But living in the bible belt of Texas I know for a fact that I am one of the only ones in my tri-county area to thank like this,
Now to my question, Do you personally believe in miracles? And if so how do you know from an objective stand point that they were miracles? Ex, A man has cancer, it seems without doubt he’s going to die still his family prays for him, and somehow he makes a full recovery. The family being a very religious one claims god is to thank. But a deist/atheist point of view is “well he would have gotten better in time with or without prayer.” We Need much more irrefutable proof of a miracle, its like I always said,
God seems to help those with curable sickness but will never grow back an amputees leg.
God seems to help those with curable sickness but will never grow back an amputees leg.

21 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2012-07-14 16:55 ID:tRMWLDnF

We are very pleased to hear of your improving health, but when you speak of "ulcers," what do you mean, exactly? Are you speaking of a skin ulcer, a stomach ulcer which apparently can be mimicked by gastric reflux disorder, or something else?

22 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2012-07-22 15:55 ID:RK/RlkrE

miracle = act of god
act of god = macroscopic instantaneous non-deterministic event
macroscopic instantaneous non-deterministic event = violation of macroscopic causality
violation of macroscopic causality = macroscopic nonlinear event
macroscopic nonlinear event = macroscopic instantaneous non-deterministic event
macroscopic instantaneous non-deterministic event = mircale
miracle = act of god

therefore if god exists, the stupid fuck can't explain himself very well

23 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2012-07-27 18:33 ID:tRMWLDnF

Perhaps God does it for the lulz. What if He is trolling us all?

24 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2012-07-30 01:03 ID:QeVmw+Rk


Wait a second... that was your argument?

Oh, I think we are "done" here...


Stomach ulcers of which the doctors took photographs during the diagnosis.

It's no use being dumb around the issue, God called me personally.

25 Name: thgtgyh : 2012-07-31 20:58 ID:XLl2pJNn

26 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2017-03-14 14:19 ID:uSDCRCSY

dicks out for Harambe

27 Name: Traparegay : 2017-10-17 16:15 ID:3O1U55XL

kill yourself

28 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-02-17 21:47 ID:+DPSTbyi


29 Post deleted.

30 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-05-17 15:24 ID:bazcX/HD


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The end of privacy. The Surveillance Society (4)

1 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-04-14 16:40 ID:9jYLvW8g

« The right to be left alone.» For many this phrase, made famous by Louis Brandeis, an American Supreme Court justice, captures the essence of a notoriously slippery, but crucial concept. Drawing the boundaries of privacy has always been tricky. Most people have long accepted the need to provide some information about themselves in order to vote, work, shop, pursue a business, socialise or even borrow a library book. But ex¬ercising control over who knows what about you has also come to be seen as an essential feature of a civilised society.
Totalitarian excesses have made «Big Brother» one of the 20th cen¬tury's most frightening bogeymen. Some right of privacy, however quali¬fied, has been a major difference between democracies and dictatorships. An explicit right to privacy is now enshrined in scores of national Con¬stitutions as well as in international human-rights treaties. Without the «right to be left alone,» to shut out on occasion the prying eyes and im¬portunities of both government and society, other political and civil liber¬ties seem fragile. Today most people in rich societies assume that, pro¬vided they obey the law, they have a right to enjoy privacy whenever it suits them.
They are wrong. Despite a raft of laws, treaties and constitutional pro¬visions, privacy has been eroded for decades. This trend is now likely to accelerate sharply. The cause is the same as that which alarmed Brandeis when he first popularised his phrase in an article in 1890: Technological change, in his day it was the spread of photography and cheap printing that posed the most immediate threat to privacy. In our day it is the com¬puter. The quantity of information that is now available to governments and companies about individuals would have horrified Brandeis. But the power to gather and disseminate data electronically is growing so fast that it raises an even more unsettling question: in 20 years' time, will there be any privacy left to protect?

Post too long. Click to view the whole post or the thread page.

2 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-04-14 16:40 ID:9jYLvW8g

The trade in consumer infor¬mation has hugely expanded in the past ten years. One single company, Acxiom Corporation in Conway, Arkansas, has a database combining public and consumer information that covers 95% of American house¬holds. Is there anyone left on the planet who does not know that their use of the Internet is being recorded by somebody, somewhere?
Firms are as interested in their employees as in their customers. A 1997 survey by the American Management Association of 900 large companies found that nearly two-thirds admitted to some form of elec¬tronic surveillance of their own workers. Powerful new software makes it easy for bosses to monitor and record not only all telephone conversa¬tions, but every keystroke and e-mail message as well.
Information is power, so it is hardly surprising that governments are as keen as companies to use data-processing technology. They do this for many entirely legitimate reasons — tracking benefit claimants, delivering better health care, fighting crime, pursuing terrorists. But it inevitably means more government surveillance.
A controversial law passed in 1994 to aid law enforcement requires telecoms firms operating in America to install equipment that allows the government to intercept and monitor all telephone and data communications, although disputes between the firms and the FBI have delayed its implementation. Intelligence agencies from America, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand jointly monitor all international satellite-telecommunications traffic via a system called « Echelon» that can pick specific words or phrases from hundreds of thousands of messages.

3 Post deleted.

4 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-05-01 22:16 ID:xlwhi8mm

What right have you to spy into my affairs?

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Nasty, ubiquitous and unloved (4)

1 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-04-15 16:58 ID:og/N+d0F

Skinheads have been frightening a lot of people in post-communists Central Europe, but several governments are trying to control them
Among the countless plaques and memorials in the ancient bit of Hungary's capital overlooking the Danube is one that mourns German and Hungarian soldiers who died trying to break out of Buda Castle at the end of the second world war. This was where, on February 13th, 500-odd neo-Nazi skinheads from around Europe gathered to lament the passing on the « SS heroes», after which they headed off to a nightclub called the Viking. When police appeared at the club and started asking for pass¬ports, the skinheads rioted. Several policemen ended up in hospital, 30 foreign skinheads were arrested, six of whom were quickly tried and found guilty of assault. So it goes for skinheads: thuggery at home pil¬grimages to Nazi memorials and scrapes with the law abroad.
Do not expect an eloquent exchange of opinions with Central Europe's shaven heads. When interviewed, they say little, standing arms crossed, fists clenched, eyes burning. Nor are their dogs, often pit bulls with sharpened incisors, much more friendly. The skinheads' preferred method of communication is a boot swiftly and repeatedly administered in the face of a prone victim, though in one recent attack Slovak skin¬heads did use baseball bats to beat a gypsy boy almost to death. Their fa¬vourite targets are indeed gypsies, followed by African students, sundry other ethnic minorities, drug addicts and the homeless.
There are differences between an average West European skinhead and his counterpart farther east. Not all western ones are neo-Nazis; not all are violent; some even call themselves «anti-racists», and enjoy Ja¬maican reggae music. There are anarchist skinheads in the West, even glad-to-be-gay skinheads. But in Central Europe to be a skinhead is, on the whole, to be violent. Post-communist skinheads tend to swallow a mix of white supremacy, neo-Nazi dogma, and nationalism tailored to the country in question.

2 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-04-15 16:58 ID:og/N+d0F

Their numbers vary from country to country, but have been going up. Government and police tend to deflate figures; human-rights groups and the skinheads themselves usually bump them up. One serious study, by the Anti-Defamation League in New York, reckons that, of some 70,000 hardcore neo-Nazi skinheads worldwide, Central Europe now accounts for a good quarter.
Last month, working together with the Czech secret service, police ar¬rested 12 leading skinheads said to belong to the Czech chapter of a Brit¬ish-based «Blood and Honour» gang. They also confiscated neo-Nazi propaganda due to be sold at a skinhead concert, and declared that neo-Nazis across the country had suffered a crippling blow.

3 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-04-15 16:59 ID:og/N+d0F

Human-rights watchers are less sure. Skinhead groups are well run. They distribute propaganda printed by American neo-Nazis in various languages and send out «skinzines» illegally through the post. The Czechs alone have 15 of them. They are nasty, but it may be hard to pin charges of inciting hatred on the arrested skinheads.
Still, many Central Europeans are trying to stem the skinhead tide. A few days after the riot in the Viking club, several thousand Hungarians gathered to protest against racism. Judges are being sent on courses to make them more aware of racially motivated crimes. The police are hiring gypsy advisers. It is only a start. But the alarm bells have rung: more and more decent Central Europeans reckon that something must be done.

4 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-04-15 17:09 ID:og/N+d0F


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New thread

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