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What do you fear as citizen of X country? (44)

1 Name: Citizen : 2007-02-08 09:38 ID:TomkliAN

Does the thread come from corrupt goverment? Is there unstable neibhour at large? Do you think terrorists are the gravest danger?

All in all, what does your country have to fear?

35 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2010-03-03 15:25 ID:Rph454MM

I'm from the US and afraid of corporate sponsorship of political campaigns.

36 Name: Azrael : 2010-03-20 16:13 ID:L4O+Itgk

Philippines here. I fear the extensive corruption and poverty here. :((

37 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2010-04-24 04:09 ID:Heaven

American here. I'm afraid I won't get my 99 cent big mac :(

38 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2010-05-12 02:50 ID:Heaven

You could lose some of those pounds though, man.

39 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2011-09-30 02:49 ID:RNtBWOpq

One world government under Islamic radicals.

40 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2011-10-07 02:12 ID:Heaven

the president sending a drone after me

41 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2011-11-30 22:42 ID:BFKGSYsi

American. My list is too long for me to want to type.

42 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2011-12-28 09:05 ID:GCqcBp2x

I fear the insane amount of non-integrated (north and sub-Saharan) immigrants and son of immigrants that settled in France. A large amount of these are stacked in peripheral "ghettos", destroying and vandalizing every pieces of public services, respecting nothing and having a vocabulary of 400 words.
They're known as "racailles" (scum) here in France and it's a major and politically-incorrect subject.

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43 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2012-01-12 01:00 ID:1WLi0KAD

Belgium: country breack up and political deadlock.
These people really need to wise up, there are other things in life than nationalism.

44 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2012-10-09 14:23 ID:Heaven

i can't think of anything that i wouldn't fear were i to be registered in the databases of another country