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Your opinion on WoW addicts/addiction to similar online MMORPGs? (11)

2 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2008-11-18 13:37 ID:sJA38Va+

My best friend recently broke his WoW addiction. Doing great in college, quite intelligent, et cetera. He was in a state worse than that - in addition to the horrible hygiene he also gained upwards up 50 lbs. Given that he's still retained his poor health, he also gained something else. Apparently he has become quite fascinated with physics. Around two weeks after quitting his obsessive gaming he told me how amazing he found the world to be, how complex, all that jazz, and now he wants to study physics. Needless to say, and being a physics major myself, I was pretty happy to hear this.

So - yes, I have witnessed it. And it should be obvious that gaming addiction often immerses a person to the point where an external frame of reference is highly likely to be ignored, which leads to more productive thought processes being tunneled to accommodate for the mechanics of said game.