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[politics] ITT: We discuss my bullshit theory [generalization] (11)

1 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2012-01-13 07:01 ID:wlUfuYNX

Do you consume recreational drugs? Do you browse the computer all day? Do you do both? You are scum and what you represent will be the gradual decline of the human race

1.The goal of all sentience is its annihilation. Sentience is necessarily tied to stimuli, any form of stimuli is innately vulnerable to overstimulation. Overstimulated, in the sense that it reaches the point at which either said stimuli is completely fulfilled, or to the point at which central consciousness can no longer compose itself. Moderation in any form of stimuli can never be sustained indefinitely when there is presented a more stimulating alternative, hence it is inevitable that stimulation escalates to the point of absolute overstimulation on a infinite timeline.

2. Whereas early hunter-gatherer society contented itself with moderate, cyclical forms of stimuli fulfillment (IE sex, communal group gatherings, etc), the emergence of human technology has disrupted these patterns. Technology, by default serves to extend all faucets of human functioning, and thereby inevitably serves to increase stimulation in human beings. Biological forms of stimulation-fulfillment are gradually being replaced by commodity extensions, and will eventually be replaced completely (IE societal involvement with video games, Sex with more direct drug use, etc). Whereas there may be contemporary resistance to these changes, social mores can never sustain themselves continually as they rely on material circumstances to support themselves.

3. Thus, we can say that continual technological development will inevitably lead to human overstimulation. There can be no moderation of this tendency, the most direct form of stimulation is chemical, which will likely manifest itself on a circular basis. This "end state" of humanity will resemble a simple cell structure, thoughtless, engaged in constant chemical exchange and supported through a self-sustaining external structure (technology). The argument that human taste varies itself enough to not support a singular chemical interaction is irrelevant to this scenario, for even if this were to be the case it may be accommodated through rapid interchanging of all desirable substances to the point at which they blur to act as one in effect.

4. The historical phenomena which has prior prevented decadence and overstimulation, the systemic purging of forms of life who divert undue capacity towards self-indulgence, cannot be maintained. Assuming it is not annihilated prematurely, the human race will intertwine economically to the point of a world state (IE globalization, it is already creating global class relations through outsourcing the rest must inevitably follow), hence national conflict must inevitably be replaced with class conflict as the common denominator.

5. In a situation such as this, the only possible way to sustain any form of class inequality will be the use of increasingly more stimulating commodities to appease any subordinate classes. When this stimulating commodity reaches the point at which it must inevitably conflict with the need to engage in wage-labour (as labour is a function of time therefore inevitably in conflict with absolute stimulation), there will either be revolution or gradual collapse to allow overstimulation by all persons capable of doing so in society. To sustain this, technological means shall be used to take over human command functions. This technological apparatus will likely function something like a human being- its obligations being to provide stable resources and maintain its wards.

6. Therefore, (human) sentience shall inevitably destroy itself through technology.