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Only prime numbers may talk (443)

335 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-6211 04:38

14:24 Nem Finish the sentence
14:24 Nem I'd really love to...
14:26 Brohno fix your penis engine
14:26 Brohno (first thing that came to mind)
14:26 Tohno_ drop a car on you.
14:27 Nem If I were going to die tomorrow, I'd first go out and...
14:27 Brohno screw anything that moves
14:27 Tohno_ run my belly on a phonepoll
14:27 nutbladdr >go out
14:27 nutbladdr no
14:28 Nem My favourite thing about nutbladdr is...
14:28 Tohno_ the moe
14:29 Brohno fish
14:29 Nem Hahah
14:30 Nem How can you say you love her when you won't even ...
14:30 Tohno_ drink her piss
14:32 nutbladdr Would you drink your waifu's piss?
14:32 Brohno ye... no..
14:32 Brohno not when theres no reason to
14:33 Tohno_ ...maybe, depends, do I have to? did she ask me to? or is it just for the heck of it?
14:34 nutbladdr It's her fetish
14:34 Nem In that case I guess it's fine
14:34 Tohno_ I guess if she really wanted me too..
14:34 Brohno im torn
14:34 Nem It's no different to swallowing your cum, really.
14:34 Tohno_ I would think it much more toxic then cum.
14:35 Nem Easier to swallow though
14:35 nutbladdr Just pretend it's salty water
14:35 Tohno_ and I wouldin't ask anyone to swallow cum, that stuff it nasty.
14:36 Nem Never tried
14:36 Tohno_ I'd pretend it was warm appeljuce.
14:36 Tohno_ so you just spit it out then?
14:36 Nem Ahaha, touché
14:37 *** Popo_ joined #tohno-chan
14:37 Brohno Hi Popes
14:37 Popo_ hi
14:37 Nem Hey Popo
14:37 Tohno_ hi!
14:38 nutbladdr we were just talking about drinking piss