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Demanding from the next poster (859)

523 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-6749 02:38

>>522 i am wearing a dark green Teenage Fanclub t-shirt, it has a yellow doodle of a billboard showing a power station. On top of that I have my black Cramps hoody, and I am wearing a sticker with my name on it (with a love heart dotting the "i") from the stupid anti-NEET taster class I was at today. I have two cute friendship bracelets my fiancé made on my wrist, one is a watermelon and one has love hearts on it. Lower down I am wearing boxer shorts with a trippy black and white design on them, a pair of socks with sharks on them, a pair of dark tights on top with a big hole cut out for my package, and a pair of rainbow knee socks on top of those. I cut my hair the other day and I did it badly so i have bald spots at the back, with a nice fringe though. It is all greasy and sticking up because I'm kinda sweaty from just walking a mile home wearing extra layers carrying a big rucksack. I'll shower in the morning because I keep getting a whiff of my semen-encrusted boxers, which I was self-conscious about at the jobseeking class.

>>524 Post a link to a song you have recently discovered and loved.