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Stengl, V., et. "Magnesium Oxide Nanoparticles Prepared by Ultrasound
Enhanced Hydrolysis of Mg-alkoxides." N.p., 22 Feb. 2003. Web.

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I don't intend to stay more than a few days

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Category:Articles that randomly break into song

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The setup involves an auctioneer who volunteers to auction off a dollar bill with the following rule: the bill goes to the winner; however, the second-highest bidder also loses the amount that they bid. The winner can get a dollar for a mere five cents, but only if no one else enters into the bidding war. The second-highest bidder is the biggest loser by paying the top amount he or she bid without getting anything back. The game begins with one of the players bidding five cents (the minimum), hoping to make a ninety-five-cent profit. He can be outbid by another player bidding ten cents, as a ninety-cent profit is still desirable. Similarly, another bidder may bid fifteen cents, making an eighty-five-cent profit. Meanwhile, the second bidder may attempt to convert his loss of ten cents into a gain of eighty cents by bidding twenty cents, and so on. Every player has a choice of either paying for nothing or bidding five cents more on the dollar. Any bid beyond the value of a dollar is a loss for all bidders alike. A series of rational bids will reach and ultimately surpass one dollar as the bidders seek to minimize their losses. If the first bidder bids ninety five cents, and the second bidder bids one dollar (for no net gain or loss), the first bidder stands to lose ninety five cents unless he bids $1.05, in which case he rationally bids more than the value of the item for sale (the dollar) in order to reduce his losses to only five cents. Bidding continues with the second highest bidder always losing more than the highest bidder and therefore always trying to become the high bidder. Only the auctioneer gets to profit in the end.

994 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-8688 17:23

A vlog by a girl who originally just wants to make her gothic older sisters feel loved and sexy, and winds up being coached by her anonymous userbase into seducing her own older sisters, who are conjoined twins (two heads on one torso, nothing duplicated except the spine, one arm and one leg controlled by the twin on the same side), who also have two fully developed prehensile tails growing out from the tailbone (complete with all systems fully developed, skeletal, muscular, nervous, etc. each tail is controlled by the twin on the same side, their tails can, and will, be used like tentacles for tentacle sex), genetic disorders that makes them incapable of producing pigment (type 1 Oculocutaneous Albinism, completely colourless skin, completely red eyes), or hair (type 1 Alopecia Universalis, they wear wigs), and four additional fully-functioning breasts along the milk lines of the body, that is, an additional breast below the natural breast, and another one below the additional breast, making six in total (type 1 supernumary polymastia, three breasts to each twin along the same side), the vlogging sister ultimately records a homemade incest porn streamed live via webcam, without either of her sisters knowledge.

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that was quite a ride

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The erotic 10th century Islamic writer Abu al Hasan ibn Nasir al Katib had even made a point to emphasise how pleasurable oral sex is on a woman in his "Encyclopedia of Pleasure"; he tells of the story of Hubba al-Madaniyyah who discovered it for herself accidentally.[3][8] The story goes that she had had a bath, and came across an innocent puppy who got excited to see her genitals.[3] Before she was aware of what the puppy was doing, it began licking her vagina.[3] It became so pleasurable to her that she lowered herself, and when she reached orgasm she could not stand up, even though she wanted to.[3] As she could not raise herself from the power of the orgasm the "helpless animal had died from heavy pressure".

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Possibly the dollar auction strikes you as nonsense. Itfs a lot different from a real auction. Donft think about auctions, then. One way to recognize a dollar auction in real life is that it inspires certain figures of speech: gthrowing good money after badh; persevering gso that it all wonft have been in vainh or because there is no way to quit and gsave faceh; having gtoo much invested to quit.h

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