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CTRL+V THREAD! [part XV] (262)

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There's one thing that I want to ask you.
Please remember #1, who disappeared after building the crap thread,
even on occasion.

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From Latin dēnigrātus, the past participle of dēnigrāre (gto blackenh), from dē + nigrare (gto blackenh) (from niger (gblackh)).

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257 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9803 20:11

Arbeiter, Bauern, nehmt die Gewehre
Nehmt die Gewehre zur Hand!
Zerschlagt die faschistische Räuberherde
Setzt eure Herzen in Brand!

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258 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9804 07:13

a king who owned two remarkably fine fields of rape, but every night two of the rape heaps were burnt down in one of the fields.

259 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9805 09:13

Tsunayoshi's homosexual interests were aroused by the son of the daimyō of Kai; and his plans to adopt this Tokugawa youth as his successor were known by a few inside Edo Castle. The shōgun's wife, who was also a daughter of the emperor, foresaw that this choice of a successor would be very poorly received by many; and she feared that it might result in a disastrous civil war. The shōgun's wife did everything she could to dissuade Tsunayoshi from continuing with such potentially divisive and dangerous plans; and when it became clear that her arguments were in vain, she resolutely sacrificed herself for the good of the country—she killed her husband and then killed herself. She may also have done this as she hated the boy.

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Haiii. Ifm the social media manager for @USArmyesports
& I am the UwU lord.

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