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Codpiece (5)

1 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2014-08-23 17:41 ID:23gSGdCq

Should I wear my purple codpiece or my red one?

2 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2014-09-09 07:14 ID:wc74jGEp

smoke roll-ups instead
you'll look better
and its cheaper
preferably with the orange rizla
because they taste nicer, and look cooler

3 Post deleted.

4 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2016-11-03 15:19 ID:q8uj0jmw

dicks out for Harambe

5 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2017-01-03 21:33 ID:rGYsTSSo


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DOn't smoke cigarettes, they arn't cool (21)

1 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-07-27 12:42 ID:LbuhXUVr

smoke roll-ups instead
you'll look better
and its cheaper
preferably with the orange rizla
because they taste nicer, and look cooler

12 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2014-08-21 13:00 ID:GHwcFHoc

Smoking is satisfying and people who can't understand the enjoyable subculture around it simply don't get to take part.

Health risks are health risks, but as long as you don't overdo it it's kind of worth it.

13 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2014-08-26 21:25 ID:Lj2og9BX

Dont smoke anything at all

14 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2014-09-10 20:47 ID:8DMybmfR

This. I don't smoke (nocotine or otherwise but I'm supposing we're talking about nicotine) but I don't discourage smokers. Unless it's about smokers polluting non-smoking areas, that's not cool.

15 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2014-09-17 14:26 ID:4SeJCBcm

let them kill themselves

16 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2014-09-26 17:43 ID:G8XJBwHF

Smoke crack like a real nigger

17 Name: !WANDER1pOs : 2015-01-23 02:17 ID:Y+U4UzPq



18 Name: Cheech : 2015-01-30 10:07 ID:CU54sBzq


420 Blaze It

19 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2015-04-17 22:34 ID:n1CGTOs+

tokes one up whatchoo lookin at

20 Post deleted.

21 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2016-11-03 15:20 ID:/ZrSlyQC

dicks out for Harambe

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Favorite Brands (26)

1 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-06-11 04:17 ID:tr4i38MF

Simple thread. What are your favorite brands.

Denim - Levi's
Sneakers - Vans, Lakai, and I also love the Japanese brand Visvim, but I can't afford it.
Everything else I buy is according to style not brand, and I couldn't care less about the name on the tag if it fits my style.

17 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-08-04 20:20 ID:0iytVH9Y

dressing nice = buying brands (Given that you think the brand you're buying looks nice, or that those are the brands most of your clothes come from)

18 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-08-05 02:14 ID:Heaven

Then you would be buying nice clothing from a brand.

The fact you think that some/most of the clothing from a brand you like looks nice doesn't make "buying brands" "dressing nice".

I see your point, but your logic is flawed if you want to use mathematical symbols to get your point through.

19 Name: Robby : 2009-04-03 08:11 ID:43liWz8t

20 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2009-05-18 08:30 ID:1x0/zdMc


Gothic lolita aficionado detected

Denim: Levis, some of the in-house jeans that they sell at PacSun has actually held up for me for a good while surprisingly
Shoes: Chuck Taylors
Shirts: None in particular, but this "Carbon" shirt that I got from Rue21 that i'm wearing right now is pretty comfortable albeit a bit fragile

I also really like Kangol flat caps and am looking into a nice pair of Nikes to match them

21 Name: Shinketsu : 2009-07-31 16:27 ID:SNfgY7G2

I usually wear:

Denim: Guess, Express Men, Buffalo, INC
Shoes: Aldo, Skechers, Diesel
Shirts: Guess, American Rag, Vintage Red, INC

It all really depends on how I feel, and where I'm going at the time as well.

22 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2009-08-30 01:19 ID:5mrDk6gU

Denim: Levis, Ross had a good pair of carpenter shorts but the butt pockets started to rip at the seams.
Shoes: Whatever fits. I have wide feet so it can be hard to find shoes that fit me. Typically Nike and New Balance have sizes that fit me.
Shirts: Tommy Hillfiger and Nautica

23 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2010-02-14 12:44 ID:CQBPAWom

Jeans - Carhartt (half the price of levi's, equal quality, easier to take the logo off than Levi's) Do have a pair of black levi's though.
Shirts - American Apparel plain color shirts. Expensive but comfortable and high quality. No logos or brand name in sight.
Outerwear - I have a carhartt jacket that's fleece lined for when it's really cold. Looks almost the same as the day I bought it 4 years ago. Also have a military bomber jacket for every day use. Got the idea from the Gibson novel Pattern Recognition.
Shoes - Either my hiking boots if I'm doing outdoor activity or it's snowing or a pair of black keds. I'm not sold on the keds, they're my first pair. They aren't super comfortable, but they're very comfortable and I get more compliments than with other shoes.

I try to keep it as simple as possible, I like what I wear.

24 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2016-05-03 23:16 ID:Uoxo3tUm

AA can be pretty cheap on ebay. I think people just buy wholesale and resell brand new stock. You can search for multipacks and stuff too.

25 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2016-05-03 23:19 ID:Uoxo3tUm

Some of my favorite brands for simple, well made, unbranded clothes are Muji ($) and Save Khaki United ($$). Save Khaki especially fits me perfectly, but I doubt I'll find more secondhand.

26 Post deleted.

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[Japanese Fashion Magazines] (2)

1 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2016-05-14 18:10 ID:0e4QnpSN

If anyone has more of these, please share.

2 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2016-08-15 23:54 ID:uSOJsSBL

I hate a little phase of reading japanese fashion mag when I found 'ganguro'

harajuku street or something, I can't remember

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Exercise Clothes (9)

1 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2007-11-05 18:46 ID:z1QZkkqM

What kind of clothes are good for doing exercising, like Pilates, or going to the gym, or going jogging?

I'm mainly concerned about the lower half of my body. I know loose and light clothes are good, but the only gym shorts I can find feel so tiny on me, and I feel like I'm horrifying everybody everywhere because they show so much of my hairy legs and flabby thighs. (I'm a guy.) Also, they wouldn't be appropriate for running in the winter, since it gets really cold here.

But on the other hand, I can't find any longer pants appropriate for exercise. Sweat pants are too hot to work out in, for example. What should I do?

2 Name: mishka!!dSW1qzRK : 2007-11-06 00:25 ID:Ly9TUyLy

I use sweatpants or short jeans. I'm a weightlifter.
Man up and do some real exercises, if you're so flabby. I'm Armenian and I used to be fat. Imagine that.

3 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2007-11-06 03:03 ID:Heaven

Weightlifting is not exercise.

4 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2007-11-06 10:55 ID:Heaven

Wrong, it's an exercise in futility.

5 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2007-11-06 14:45 ID:A7mi8KcE

Try your local Academy. Or the fitness section of Walmart.

6 Name: dmpk2k!hinhT6kz2E : 2007-11-07 07:10 ID:Heaven

If you're going jogging (which is also the best exercise to lose weight):

  • Get good shoes: for the obvious reasons. NB: good shoes does not mean popular shoes; Nikes are utter rubbish for example.
  • Get cheap/used-up/ugly shirts: between sweat and washing they won't last long. It's easy to tell weekend warriors from more persistent joggers by the clothes they wear.
  • Get cheap shorts: ditto.
  • Get cotton boxer briefs (the long tight kind): any other sort of underwear will leave you with painful rashes on your thighs and/or nards.

Also, why do you care what some people who will never see you again think what you look like?

7 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2007-11-07 10:36 ID:h/TsWn89

Most guys I see, wear boardies. They're like the only acceptable 3/4 guy pants.

8 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2015-09-17 23:56 ID:ndZBxJCF


9 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2016-05-01 06:19 ID:MdPkVJv1



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Short Shorts on Guys? (22)

1 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-12-03 21:45 ID:vQqOi/Lf

Any opinions about short shorts on guys? My bf in particular is thin, and pale-skinned. Would he look better with shaved legs?

What about with boots?

13 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2014-03-27 16:57 ID:kA3nLees

I wear shorts with a 6 in inseam, which is perfect. They end right above my knee, which is the most comfortable for me. I feel silly in long shorts.

14 Post deleted.

15 Name: pooponbrief : 2015-05-30 02:52 ID:orQric01

looks faggoty.. if he has meaty, muscular legs then it could work

16 Post deleted.

17 Post deleted.

18 Post deleted.

19 Post deleted.

20 Post deleted.

21 Post deleted.

22 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2015-09-14 11:17 ID:MZGnw/l+

In my opinion, it's good. I'm not weird for thinking this. It used to be more normal, right?

I don't think boots would be good with short shorts though.

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Date Attire (8)

1 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2007-11-05 06:52 ID:cQRMvsPm

Long story short, I'm going on a date. The girl and I are going to Chili's, then either to the movie theater or back to her house to see a movie. But what to wear?

I've never had much of a fashion sense. I'm an androgynous female, and I usually just wear work clothes; jeans and a t-shirt, usually men's. However, I'd really like to get dressed up for this date, without overdoing it.

I have a suit (Black pants and matching blazer, with a shiny blue dress shirt), but it'd be a tad too fancy. Perhaps I could do something with it to make it more casual?

Please help. I just recovered from being a hikikomori, and it's my first date! I want to make it a nice memory.

2 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2007-11-05 08:51 ID:A9S7iql1

a shirt or blouse might be nice... it depends on what time are you going out, black are good for night time and evening, if its morning or afternoon i think its better using light colored shirts, try not use shirts thats too colorful or too many words on it. maybe try to avoid wearing jeans on first date, especially the one that you're using for work!... pants are ok, as long its not short pants... how to say this, half casual half formal?

but then again try to be comfortable with what you're wearing...

3 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2007-11-05 16:29 ID:Heaven

A suit definitely seems too fancy for Chili's.
Dress shirt or blouse over top of a t-shirt or tank top, whatever feels right for you.
I'd say jeans are alright (if they're look good and are clean), if your just going to a bar and grill.

If you want good advice, you'll have to find someone you know personally that can tell you what outfits and colours work well on you.
Just make sure your clothes fit well and are clean.

4 Name: mishka!!dSW1qzRK : 2007-11-06 00:28 ID:N3L39Amr

OP, please give stats??
And if possible, pics?

5 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2007-11-06 07:08 ID:iihcXlOd

Nice jeans, plain shirt, and a sport coat with some good looking shoes. Looks handsome and clean, not overdressed or under dressed.

6 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2007-11-06 08:32 ID:cQRMvsPm

OP here.

Thanks for the advice, >>3 and >>5 . I picked up a new pair of jeans today, and I'll be wearing them with my dress shirt. I'll either be wearing a light, casual jacket or a winter wool coat, depending on the weather.

7 Post deleted.

8 Post deleted.

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Fat guy clothing (14)

1 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-04-21 05:32 ID:RcR0i74F

Alright, so look. I'm a fat guy. As in 5x shirt, 62 waist. I find it hard to find clothing for myself that's not a t-shirt or jeans, and I'm really trying hard to -not- wear so many blatantly casual, thrown-together things. Are there any recommendations for what I should look for or try out in terms of clothing that straddles the border between casual and formal that would look good on a man with a very wide waist? Because most men's fashion, from what I've seen, doesn't translate well when its like you've got tires round your body.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

5 Name: I am the Momma : 2009-03-05 01:53 ID:No0rCKEU

Hey I have luck for my son at and J.C. Pennys online. He is a 4 x and I can always find him nice looking clothes. Hope this helps. Good luck. Peace and happiness.

6 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2009-04-09 00:30 ID:lNldajrW

Short-sleeved, buttoned shirts without shirttails--that is, shirts not designed to be tucked in--such as bowling-shirt styles, or guayabera styles, or a wide range of others, tend to look alright on big people. You will, of course, have to shop around to find really big ones. But they exist.

7 Name: Gareth : 2009-08-02 14:25 ID:3SBuNSG+

I am a similar size to you, I would recommend the more formal clothes, I pay a lot of money to get suits made by a tailor who is a large guy himself and who knows what I need, generally a more formal look in darker colours pays dividends. Shirts should be loose, and in stripes. I always tend to dress formally, in England where I live, that is not a bad thing anyway and many clubs I belong too require that dress code, in the states I am on vacation but I find that casual male big and tall has good stuff, again I would aim for properly constructed shirts with button down collars and more formal looking pants. At the end of the day if you;re big you're big, so you have to not mind looking big. And try and earn a lot of money, I do and it really helps.

My tailor is chand hira,, they have reasonable prices and make excellent formal shirts to order

8 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2009-08-17 07:23 ID:+ci0qEq8

Suits look awesome on guys no matter how heavy, scrawny, or muscular they are. There's many a girl who has a fetish for a well-pressed button-up shirt and tie.

9 Name: YCurious : 2010-07-11 10:19 ID:fc3RiSzw

Hoping that if anyone is free is able to comment in the forum

Since starting a new business in just for XL people’s fashion for men i hope that i can get good feedbacks with people having problems buying clothes in retail shops and also shirts that doesn’t fit that nicely for people who is large. Thank you for your time, see you soon :D

10 Post deleted.

11 Name: pooponbrief : 2015-05-30 02:54 ID:jmqGaq1D

just hit the gym you lazybum

12 Post deleted.

13 Post deleted.

14 Post deleted.

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Plain shirts + cargo pants, always OK? (33)

1 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2009-07-19 06:36 ID:yfI/1S/+

I invariably wear plain shirts (either a T-shirt or a polo shirt) and long khaki cargo pants. I alternate between light khaki and brown khaki. The shirts vary in color, including red, blue, black and white. I try to wear plain shirts without big logos or text.

Is this a safe fashion bet, or am I unknowingly making a fool of myself? If it's relevant, I am male.

24 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2011-03-02 06:21 ID:kZVtJWTu

DVD of "THE COVE" is being distributed free of charge in Sea Shepherd now.

Please contact the application method each mail address described in following URL.

Sea Shepherd has already begun serving in Japan and each country.
You also must apply.

25 Post deleted.

26 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2014-03-27 16:56 ID:gHufkCKb

Cargo shorts are the worst thing ever. Do not wear them.

27 Post deleted.

28 Name: gorrillaconvention : 2014-08-03 20:59 ID:Heaven

i dont care who says theyre hot or they arent id still put it in all their holes

29 Post deleted.

30 Post deleted.

31 Post deleted.

32 Post deleted.

33 Post deleted.

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Skinny guy clothing (3)

1 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2011-04-27 22:46 ID:rq+a2kUY

Hello there,
i was wondering what type of clothing i should acquire for my new wardrobe, all i have is baggy stoner guy type of clothes that make me look like a kid, problem is i am really skinny and kinda short, 110lbs at 5'7 and it's quite hard to find the proper clothes.
So, any ideas?

2 Post deleted.

3 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2014-10-10 00:07 ID:tjVNAfzz


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New thread

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