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Chinese people make terrible Japanese food. (44)

1 Name: Apprentice Chef 2005-10-31 04:09 ID:+mtJqPyO

There is a trend in the US of Chinese people opening up a "Japanese Food" place and making horrible Japanese food along with the typical pork-fried-whatever. Anyway, a new Chinese "Japanese food" place opened up here, and I was a bit hungry, but short on money, so I grabbed a few bucks and ordered tonkatsu and miso soup (cheapest dishes there). What I got was salty brown water, and a pork chop, cut in half, lying on a cabbage leaf. I'm really not exaggerating. It's a good thing I ordered it to go, because I don't know if I'd be able to contain my dissapointment.

35 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2006-09-16 04:14 ID:J82F+QqY

>> 30

The owner of Benihana is a Korean. It's yet anther Korean-run Japanese.

36 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2006-09-18 20:38 ID:2U8O15vO


37 Name: Annoyed Horribly : 2006-10-07 04:46 ID:wsMORYl8

First of all, I don't appreciate the general assumption comments made that all Chinese people cant cook Japanese food. For those that actually know the truth, alot of Japanese food are originate from China. Secondly, I've had my restaurant for 15 years already, and yes, I am a Chinese- but many Japanese people come to eat: local and tourist (thank you for my supporters, I truly am blessed to know that people care about the food more than whom owns it).

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38 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2006-10-08 11:46 ID:HFPLl/rG

Well, I think it's necessary to draw a distinction between those who genuinely love food, and those who run restaurants due to economic necessity/lack of other skills. A dedicated chef, who's willing to research & practice, can learn to cook any cuisine well. However, if you don't have a passion for your job, you're not likely to cook well anything but that which is most familiar to you- the food of your own culture.

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39 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2006-10-09 22:54 ID:fVdpNgrS

Where do I come to eat?

40 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2006-12-16 02:09 ID:oMrX3Mvf

I've eaten American food outside of America and found it to be...very similar to authentic American food, so I think Koreans could make Japanese food just as well as in Japan.

41 Name: Pierre : 2006-12-22 13:33 ID:vBnu+TrJ

i like noodels

42 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2007-01-02 05:19 ID:i9rPvAHO

Couldnt be bothered to read the entire thread but I think I can tell where most of you are coming from. Unless you have had the real deal you really dont know whats true or not. I rarely go to Japanese restaurants in the US because it isnt real. Its crap UNLESS it is run by true Japanese. I always make a point to see if the owners speak Japanese. I was so disappointed once to go to a local Japanese restaurant and it was totally run by Chinese. I dont blame them for making money I do wish they would study the original foods before making a disgusting copy. Chinese food in China and Japanese food in Japan are bliss. What is in the US down the street and around the corner you wouldnt find in their respective countries. Hibachi my ass. You show me where in Japan there are hibachi shows!!

43 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2007-01-02 19:06 ID:Heaven

>true Japanese

lawlz, no True Scotsman, aye?
Or are you talking about CERTIFIED chefs, who actually do have a long history and apprenticeship under brilliant chefs?

44 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2017-03-06 20:17 ID:7YDa3Qv8

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