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Let's trade FF3 friend codes! (867)

203 Name: tracy : 2007-07-25 23:34 ID:NGlz2fDP


NINJA level 76, job level 99, formation:Back
equip:Genji shield, Leather shield, ribbon, fuma garb, genji gloves,

VIKING level 75, job level 44, formation: back
equip:aegis shield,cryst. shield, Crystal helm,mail, and gloves

DEVOUT level 75, job level 56, formation: back
equip: Golem & elder staff, ribbon, white robe, protect ring

BARD level 75, job level 8, formation: back
equip:Mahura harp, ribbon, mage robe, diamond bracers

1st round: Ninja uses turtle shell on viking(casts protection). viking Blocks( without proper protection, he will not survive the turn provoking). Devout Curajas whole party. Bard uses Sing with mahura harp.

2nd round: ninja throws shiruken, viking uses provoke, devout uses Curaja, Bard switches equip to apollo harp and uses sing.

after that: Ninja throws shiruken every turn, viking provokes every turn, devout curajas every turn, bard alternates equipment singing every turn with either the mahadura harp or apollo harp.

about 13 shirukens later, Giant is dead.