Why is 4-ch so dead? (78)

60 Name: Anonymous : 2020-03-28 02:22 ID:okZDFhkd


I agree. I wished this site had more concurrent users but I'm glad it has what little it has.

Text-board sites like this are almost considered "dead" when compared to image-boards because they're all the rage with people who are into these types of sites. Image-boards are also almost considered "dead" when compared with other non-anonymous type sites like Reddit etc.

It's funny because if I ask people if they've ever visited Anonymous-type sites like this they have no clue what I'm even talking about because they've only used modern privacy invasive sites like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and all the popular apps as well.

Text-board sites are kinda like IRC, they both have unique people with specific tastes that are low in numbers when compared with more modern services used but I love text-board sites which is why I'm currently in the process of developing my own from-scratch text-board software because I'm tired of using the same old abandoned software that everyone else keeps circulating/using.

Mine will allow you to create your own threads and gives you a special code to allow moderating the replies. Essentially the thread creator will be like a mod or janitor. You'll also be able to decide if your thread is public(link posted once created) or private(you must share your thread link for others to know it exits).

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