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Why is 4-ch so dead? (51)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2011-09-22 17:02 ID:7X8AS7hE


42 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-09 17:16 ID:uamRLUyu

Point is: This is 4-ch, not 4chan. Really if you want to see more quality (aka whatever your definition of quality is), you can always make your own thread. Generally, if the thumbnail is eye catching and your topic has something to do with the board, you'll get plenty of replies.

43 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-09 19:00 ID:emRAPQHY

I mean, quality as in originality and not spamming the same old wojak faces at someone while greentexting what the other person said, or just responding with cope, seethe, have sex, etc. Of course, there are people that aren't like that and actually discuss the topic at hand, but I see it a lot more than a while ago. Also, I never see people saying "lurk more", which I used to see pretty frequently when someone would flail around like a retard. It's a minor thing, but I think it's indicative of more and more new people arriving.

44 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-09 19:01 ID:emRAPQHY

Meant for >>41

45 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-09 23:08 ID:IebLO4Z6

Then 4chan just isn't the place for you. But whining and ranting isn't going to fix lack of originality, in fact it has the polar opposite effect. If you want serious discussion, you're going to have to try to stir up some banter and put effort into your thread OPs. Sites like 4-ch and Shitaba really have the same problem, but in a less spammy same-post way. No one ever wants to add to threads, so they either don't post at all or make a fool of themselves (which is why this site's shitpost board is the only consistently active one). There's no use fighting the giant that is fourchan. Honestly most of its posters seem like robots because they see one popular thread, they wait until that thread 404s and then they remake it. 4/jp/ for example is a living example. Look at the entire catalog, and tell me if there's a single thread that isn't a.) a general thread or b.) a touhou template thread you can find ten thousands of duplicates of on warosu

46 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-10 06:24 ID:b4V13zsJ

That's true, the most popular anime, video games etc. do tend to practically get generals every day. Add that to the What did he mean by this? Now that the dust has settled... threads (mostly on /v/ admittedly) and stuff gets pretty formulaic

47 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-10 15:42 ID:MF1jhjv4

Formulaic OPs wouldn't have been a thing had moot not made text inclusion in subject/post field mandatory when starting threads shortly before he abandoned his site for google.

48 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-15 02:23 ID:n8VFc9xu

There's a Catch 22 at play. I've argued for years that 4chan lost its luster since the archives came into play. It jumped the shark long ago but this is the point where it lost credibility as a force. Its draw is no longer absolute chaos, it's semi-controlled chaos that plays out quite formulaic, you already know everything that's going to be posted before you even look at the thread 99% of the time. You would think that would cause knowledge to be codified, progress would build upon this lasting source, but no, the turnover rate is so maddening that you have to repeat the same things over and over and nobody ever learns anything.

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49 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-15 18:29 ID:BTlJaQMS

There really aren't any oldfags on 4chan at this point, not because 4chan went to shit, but because they stopped needing it.

You come to anonymous sites when you feel lost. They allow you to share your thoughts in confidence that what you say won't be attributed to you, allowing you to explore your thoughts free from social consequence. Once you've come to terms with yourself, you stop needing this sort of thing. At this point, most people either get their own sites and become bloggers, or turn into normies.

50 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-15 19:34 ID:JbsxnjZ9


>You come to anonymous sites when you feel lost.
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51 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-21 06:52 ID:bclC/EWp

For me the appeal has honestly always been the lack of registration requirements. I hate registering for sites to an unreasonable degree.