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4-ch General Thread Statistics (6)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2019-07-04 21:57 ID:Rh8Nb5Mk

I was bored so I decided to tally and categorize the threads currently visible on the front page of the General board. Sometimes the lines were blurry, such as whether "dust in the wind" counts as an attempt at discussion (but when I create this thread it'll bump that one off to hopefully be forgotten forever anyway.)

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2 Name: 2GET : 2019-07-04 22:02 ID:Rh8Nb5Mk

Whoops, I'm not sure why I marked the language teaching thread as "miscellaneous kusosure." That should be a discussion.

Threads on General are actually only 47.5% kusosure (unless you consider this thread more of a kusosure than "dust in the wind", in which case the balance is restored.)

3 Name: Anonymous : 2019-07-05 12:50 ID:Heaven

>>1 I'm interested in hearing what defines a thread as kusosure in your opinion; the listed threads seem rather varied and I couldn't quite identify any common themes (though, perhaps thats due to the 'miscellaneous'. I would suggest the addition of a VIP category or similar. By the way, I don't thing #2 in the Hispachan list has anything to do with Hispachan. Otherwise, nice analysis.

4 Name: Anonymous : 2019-07-05 16:24 ID:YhVJ9O/P

Nice thread-thread. Maybe we should make a thread for tips and tricks of thread making in order to improve forum stats.

5 Name: 5GET : 2019-07-05 22:09 ID:Rh8Nb5Mk

Made another goof, thread about 4-ch being dead #1 should be the "wrote a poem 4 u guyz" thread, not the story in 7 words (though only the recent necro reinterpreted the poem to be about 4-ch and it was probably just shitposting originally.)

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6 Name: Anonymous : 2019-08-08 10:41 ID:6858P0rm

I guess this thread is another one for the first category