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Controlling Computer Use (5)

1 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-06-23 02:53 ID:KgN1FrKI

How do you restrict your internet and computer use, if at all? Since the semester ended I've been online easily 7 hours a day. It seems as if I accumulated half a terabyte of torrented files in no time at all. I don't really enjoy what I'm doing anymore, but I just keep going out of force of habit. How do I change?

2 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-06-23 11:22 ID:kGyoMUco

Physically destroy your computer. If you're serious about it.

Worked for me years ago, when I was spending something like 15 hours a day online. Now I'm here again, but nowhere near as bad as I used to be.

3 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-06-23 18:53 ID:/EJR+Tk7

Do you use your computer to do anything productive? Spending lots of time in front of a screen isn't so bad if you're learning a skill/language, or making art/music.

Perhaps you should try taking up a hobby. Some sort of cheap sport like racquetball or disc golf. Maybe a hands on activity like model rocketry or ham radio.

Consider joining a social club for something that interests you, such as politics or board gaming.

Finally, if you have so much free time you should get a part time job.

4 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-06-24 01:54 ID:oZDw+u8a

I use my phone for all "not-productive" browsing. It's kind of inconvenient, but that deters me from doing it too much. I use my laptop for only productive browsing now, including stuff like working through my anime backlog. Having two different tools for two different uses of the Internet helps keep me in check. I don't think "ah, I'll just spend 5 minutes checking that site again". I tell myself "I'll check it on my phone when I'm done with this."

5 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-06-24 13:15 ID:3PKQD9kl

A magical thing called self-control and willpower.

I wish I had some...

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[Archeology] All Threads [Nostalgia] (4)

1 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2015-08-04 01:30 ID:KCsKCM2i

Do you ever find yourself browsing through the All Threads list and enjoying very old posts? It's very nice to read through, very relaxing. It's like communicating backwards in time.

2 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2015-08-07 02:36 ID:e8QX5ewB

Yes all the time. I'm so sick of the rest of the internet. This place is my respite away from social media.

3 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2015-11-09 18:46 ID:YUUDamDg

It's calm and relaxing, kind of like gardening maybe, or reading old letters.

4 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-06-23 22:56 ID:OBfzOF3p

Ye, i actually just started doing this (I never posted on this site then, though). It's super interesting seeing opinions change over years in a single thread.

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Junior, let's find VIP, DQN or IAA on your ID [PART III] (54)

1 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2015-06-21 00:08 ID:U5EdXjW8

   ◢░   ▄▅                      ▅▄  ░◣
  ▐░::  ▀                         ▀  ::░▍
 ▐░::             ▂      ▂              :::░▍ 
  ▌░:: ::          ▐::    ▄  ▀▄           :: :::░▌
 ▐▓░░::            ▋:::  ▅▀ ::░▋         ::::░▓▌
  ▐▓▓░░:::: ::        ▊░:::▊ ▊:::░▊        :: ::::░▓▋
   ▀█▓▓░░:::: ::       ▀▀  ▀▀        :::░▓█▀

Part I:
Part II:

(・∀・) There were three. THREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

45 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-01-11 22:03 ID:FyeuNsGW


46 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-02-07 20:45 ID:8fzyq69O

I've been at this for the better part of a decade now

47 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-02-08 23:54 ID:cUPBEeOs

Let's try once more

48 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-02-29 10:05 ID:Msj1y576


49 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-05-19 12:07 ID:J3CjAKnH

A post on the 29th

50 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-05-19 16:53 ID:tjul+pDw


51 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-05-19 19:43 ID:Ygf0UkDc


52 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-05-23 04:13 ID:Ug4HtKL3


53 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-05-24 20:00 ID:kClz/AmT


54 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-06-21 08:06 ID:Z8Y6PkCX

Surely this time

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our internet activity (57)

1 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2011-08-02 21:34 ID:91KPNC6a

The only websites I browse anymore are 4-ch and 4chan. And I don't even go to 4chan for discussion anymore, as I just look at the pictures. I also read articles on wikipedia, youtube for songs, watch porn, and google for movies and anime (mostly movies) I might watch. Lastly I talk to people on omegle to waste my time, because our discussion never gets anywhere. That's ALL I do on the internet. I don't ever do anything else, since, 2 years now, and I use my computer like 5 hours a day.

48 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-04-22 08:49 ID:b7/U5cvY

I do the same things these users were doing in 2012, it's pretty pathetic how stale the web is. Nyaa, rutracker, mal, sad panda, danbooru, alt /jp/ boards, bbs , 1 reg forum, steam, lurk Japanese sites I can't read. I only have fun if I'm buying something on the internet.

49 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-04-25 10:41 ID:SzScAXIk

I don't even do anything different than I did 5 years ago. It's always been the same shit. 4chan, alternate imageboards, pixiv, animebytes, archives of /a/ and /jp/, futaba, and youtube. I think I'm going to take a break from the internet, actually. It feels like I've been going through the motions with no real purpose for a while now, getting away from it for a few months should help make things seem somewhat interesting again.

50 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-04-25 14:41 ID:TdiRAUc0

4ch is no longer that funny or enjoyable to me. I used to browse only this site for a long time when I was in high school, but coming back it doesn't feel the same although I know that it is me who changed.

51 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-04-26 07:55 ID:g9e71YUP

I'm going to reply not specifically to you but to the sort of thing this post can represent. I disagree with the whole premise of the "growing out of the Internet" trope. If anything the Internet will be more prevalent in your life in the future regardless of your browsing habits simply due to technological integration. I hardly ever post here anymore for a variety of reasons but what has changed is not me, nor is it the Internet, or the content on this site, but that it is not presently able to add any novelty or value to my life. Things are stale mostly because the only people who have any cause to visit a site like this are either former or present users with ossified posting habits or inappropriately reverent newcomers who still hold stock in the smug seniority principle. The confluence of these two factors make these boards living museums and things are done a certain way out of inertia rather than any sort of utility. Don't confuse your own dissatisfaction with a systemic flaw in the Internet as a whole.

52 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-05-03 14:04 ID:Heaven

I agree with your general sentiment, but I really don't know how you can say there is no systemic flaw in the internet. The modern internet is a cold, overpopulated, stagnant, commercialized husk of shit. It has become a reflection of the real world.

53 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-05-04 23:43 ID:/Nox0mqd

Is the systemic flaw really in the internet itself or the way it's being used though?

54 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-06-02 01:53 ID:D3CAU+js

All human endeavors are imperfect stemming from the fact that humans are defined by their imperfection so there's that angle that the internet could be flawed from the very beginning. I really think it's more of how it's being developed now though: The direction it's accelerating towards is one of trite exploitation.

55 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-06-03 13:00 ID:scrbRwCk

Thank you. God that trope is obnoxious.

56 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-06-04 06:31 ID:EFUyGPi2

This, combined with "Think of me as Evil" [ ] makes me despair for the state of the world.

You can't close Pandora's box, we're stuck with this. There are huge economic incentives to keep it going and most of the general public don't want to stop it. The power to change the world lies in the hands of marketers and companies encouraging people to buy buy buy. This of course creates perverse incentives to destroy privacy. The more they know about you, the more accurately they can sell to you. With no public outcry ("I don't care that Google knows what porn I watch") no regulation will ever be put in place, doubly so when any country to do so would come under fire thanks to the interconnected nature of modern economies.

I feel like an old Bolshevik awaiting his show-trial. The utopian dreams of what a global computer network could do for human understanding and relationships hijacked by marketers to encourage you to mass upload worthless photographs so that friends you've not spoken to in years who live in your own city can ignore them. It's as though the entire point of social interaction has been missed.

Combine this with all the terrible UI decisions in that article [endemic in modern UI design, even for desktop operating systems.] leaving this nightmare inescapable even if I don't use social media sites (In a fun case of misfortune turned fortune, my often bleak worldview tends to make most attempts at faux-niceness/obligated reciprocation fall flat because I'm already subconsciously seeking excuses to reject validation.) and the future becomes very upsetting indeed.

Post too long. Click to view the whole post or the thread page.

57 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-06-16 11:58 ID:OVFvsYVT

Well that was depressing. Also more or less summed up my thoughts quite accurately. The internet started out with much promise and hope, a giant network that could let people access the sum of human knowledge and improve themselves. Now look at it. The revolution has gone awry and there's nothing we can do except sit in a cafe and sip our Victory Gin.

I sold you and you sold me, under the spreading chestnut tree...

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Hikikomori's, Asperger's syndromer's & Autist (194)

1 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2005-12-06 21:34 ID:RTbKJ6xB


185 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2011-11-07 09:20 ID:7PUifsxr

186 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2011-11-08 18:23 ID:SJUpE66/


I have book marked your board. That is one thing I miss, smaller, less known text boards. They used to be really common many years ago, but people lost interest. They are my favourite way to communicate with the real world, even though most of us are in similar situations.

187 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2012-01-17 22:56 ID:VWKS8OET

Why do you think that people don't go on textboards as often?

2012, year of the textboard ...

188 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2012-01-18 05:37 ID:1cuC6p7G

Oh, if only...

189 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2012-01-20 06:06 ID:S0lPWDdO

Forgot to shower today...

Oh, and I failed my driver's test.

190 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2012-02-06 22:27 ID:7rlkJVLg


191 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2012-02-07 02:36 ID:36mJ4g1o

i have never seen a girl's tittehs outside of anime

192 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2015-11-10 00:44 ID:x9sB7WFx

My only joy in life is alcohol and anime.

193 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2015-11-11 11:11 ID:3yQDnQxg

And I just stopped drinking....

194 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-06-15 21:34 ID:MDRZRTZK

But it does. It's happening in every postindustrial society.

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Pedophilia discussion thread. (17)

1 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2015-04-05 22:34 ID:rQ9/ImZF

We do not choose to be attracted to children, and we cannot make that attraction go away. But we can resist the temptation to abuse children sexually, and many of us present no danger to children whatsoever. Yet we are despised for having a sexual attraction that we did not choose, cannot change, and successfully resist.

8 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2015-06-09 18:19 ID:Jt7Zvh1n

Some MRI scans have found a difference of brain structure of pedophiles, I've heard, I'll have to look into that.

9 Post deleted.

10 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2015-07-06 07:17 ID:5QqtylDM

Your post reads like something a teenager would write

11 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2015-08-29 21:24 ID:Rd2XQ40H

I have a tendency to disassociate the child from the body. To be honest, I find children to be quite obnoxious.

12 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2015-08-30 13:48 ID:6AaVDiMv


13 Post deleted.

14 Post deleted.

15 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2015-09-03 05:23 ID:n996qsys

They need help

16 Post deleted.

17 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-06-15 21:25 ID:3FS+BK+m

When talking of otaku culture and its various offshoots, we should probably be drawing a line between true pedophiles and lolicons, who very likely have no interest in real children.

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I'm an imageboard and online communities otaku (111)

1 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2015-08-11 22:53 ID:7mRWuRW3

look at this list I made

102 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-05-05 09:43 ID:HM+/vHUF

It was, must have missed it when I went through the list.

103 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-05-11 00:25 ID:Heaven

104 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-05-11 00:26 ID:Heaven

Sorry I meant to ask,
Why does everything guhnoo come up with some sort of false positive?

105 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-06-05 04:44 ID:Heaven

>>64 is dead I think

107 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-06-05 05:18 ID:rx7IB/dT

108 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-06-05 18:56 ID:rx7IB/dT

109 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-06-05 19:49 ID:rx7IB/dT

110 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-06-10 10:33 ID:jJox54b1

would use it but freech is full of retards who still use /intl/

111 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-06-15 07:52 ID:9f1X4pGa is pretty cool.

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What other chans do you guys use and why? (25)

1 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-05-14 00:27 ID:oPBkH6k5

I use 8chan a lot but I'm looking to move to a new chan due to 8chan dying and it being nearly impossible to post.

16 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-05-16 14:49 ID:oTJqwuNR

but they have an international board

17 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-05-18 09:32 ID:Heaven

Collecting websites like pokemon cards.

18 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-05-19 09:58 ID:Heaven

me too

19 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-05-26 15:40 ID:qQ3tjkYP

Kakashi Nenpo
sometimes tohno
idlechan but nothing is ever posted

20 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-05-26 16:32 ID:Heaven

oh, sushichan too, but its been down for a bit.

21 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-05-30 19:18 ID:nyvsAya0

I use lupchan. It actively discourages serious discussion, and makes for a great escape from both the rest of the internet, and real life.

22 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-06-02 01:44 ID:+dLWR8lA

I use 4chan and 8chan.

23 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-06-05 04:37 ID:Heaven

I can't believe that site is still alive.

24 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-06-07 20:18 ID:Heaven

I can't believe this site is still alive

25 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-06-13 01:03 ID:Heaven

i use w2ch
the shii thread has been getting some traction again which is nice

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>greentext posts (8)

1 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-05-14 14:59 ID:sBkk3gfL

>greentext posts

2 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-05-16 13:50 ID:pVlZZYjJ

>キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!!

3 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-05-16 17:22 ID:Heaven

Who are you quoting?

4 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-05-16 18:10 ID:sBkk3gfL

greentext without arrow...

5 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-05-17 19:12 ID:Heaven

Greentexting on a textboard... Nonsense!

6 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-05-18 12:54 ID:pVlZZYjJ

but look >>3 is greentexting without any arrows...

7 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-05-19 19:51 ID:EJ3DP7A9

it carries out and is

8 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-05-20 10:34 ID:HVGv+IYc


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Nerd Culture (11)

1 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2015-08-07 00:08 ID:007n5WXi

Can we all just stop with that? It's just another way to label your consumer habits and nothing more.
Labels are for food.

2 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2015-08-07 02:32 ID:6zKHGPmp

But how will
people like me
if I don't wear T-shirts
of my favorite anime.

3 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2015-08-11 05:15 ID:Xja0VQ0W

Is it not more about how you have a shared interest with others and how you interact with others interested in the same things makes a culture developed around it?
I do have one anime tshit though...

4 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-03-30 18:45 ID:RxW7EOyi

We used to bully those people. Now we are those people. hearthands

5 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-04-26 07:59 ID:rHEhrxSv

Are you really surprised that a market was targeted with consumer products? What a senseless thing to agitate yourself with simply to feel superior to people you'll most likely never interact with.

6 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-04-28 00:32 ID:bNh6v+QU

Internet is worthless

7 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-04-28 11:57 ID:B6vnj3YD

It's funny that over a century ago people used to define themselves by their occupation, family, nation, or religion, but today people define themselves by who they fuck, how great their useless college degree is, and what TV shows they like to watch.

8 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-04-29 12:51 ID:UYp0DSRP

>>7 I agree with you, although looking backwards isn't the ideal solution.

For example family, nation and religion are arbitrary (and in the case of the last two, for at least some people falsehoods.) while occupation has been chipped away by economic circumstances (decline of manufacturing and move away from career-paths in the service sector [no more large scale "hired to stack shelves, now runs the store"] plus changes in interaction between the individual and the state chipping away at the notion of "public service")

So all you're left with is these petty, transient things to define yourself with. I kind of envy the people who can do that, when you mix my thought processes with overzealous use of anonymous boards, you soon find out you don't have any real identity at all.

9 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-05-01 06:21 ID:29AxaNFZ

Four things over which one has little to no choice, and indicate almost nothing as their character, vs how now they define themselves by things that actually reflect tastes, if nothing else? Minus the 'who they like to fuck,' that, and by extension 'what they jack off to' is just cancer, yeah.
People nowadays also define themselves by what communities or scenes they hang around, and political beliefs, which reflect serious influences on their character and ideological values.

10 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-05-01 06:23 ID:Heaven

Not that defining oneself by political beliefs is a good thing, but its bad because it makes you far less likely to come to anything resembling truth. As something to identify by, it at least indicates some kind of values or beliefs, even if using it makes them intellectually cancerous.

11 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-05-12 02:43 ID:yVeo53Zp

Nerds are better in person group up

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New thread

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