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Do you have an addiction to the Internet? Do you spend all day looking at slashdot, wikipedia, porn or posting in your Livejournal, or are you a friend or family member of someone who is?

Internet addicts anonymous provides counselling, trolling, flames and utter internet stupidity for those who require the services, generously provided by 4-ch in association with the DQN community.
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Junior, let's find VIP, DQN or IAA on your ID [PART III] (283)

1 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2015-06-21 00:08 ID:U5EdXjW8

   ◢░   ▄▅                      ▅▄  ░◣
  ▐░::  ▀                         ▀  ::░▍
 ▐░::             ▂      ▂              :::░▍ 
  ▌░:: ::          ▐::    ▄  ▀▄           :: :::░▌
 ▐▓░░::            ▋:::  ▅▀ ::░▋         ::::░▓▌
  ▐▓▓░░:::: ::        ▊░:::▊ ▊:::░▊        :: ::::░▓▋
   ▀█▓▓░░:::: ::       ▀▀  ▀▀        :::░▓█▀

Part I:
Part II:

(・∀・) There were three. THREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

274 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-12-14 02:37 ID:MUVBIllb

shit nigga

275 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-12-14 10:54 ID:SRsNS3h5


276 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-12-18 04:30 ID:079mVpy4

Let it roll baby roll

277 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-12-23 21:09 ID:ZnW1pu0C

vc: cece

278 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-12-24 00:15 ID:lyGZ09LP

dick jokes

279 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-12-26 05:36 ID:SjRiez3n

look at it

280 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-12-29 13:26 ID:S30nj/GE

Let it all blow.

281 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2019-01-08 06:43 ID:Su7v5aPE


282 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2019-01-08 11:40 ID:0xqfokY4

give it a try

283 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2019-01-11 05:37 ID:KuxSQbhO

Syoko Hoshi

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I'm an imageboard and online communities otaku (187)

1 Post deleted.

178 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-10-25 20:42 ID:pG0jD/AX


>You should stop talking about things that you don't know.

I agree. Though it can be vaguely entertaining to read incorrect interpretations. You ask yourself how on Earth he could have gotten that impression. I'll not speculate here.

179 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-12-17 04:20 ID:NQKrNMej

Anonymity attracts garbage people who make garbage content. All great literature and philosophy is attached to a name.

180 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-12-29 13:28 ID:TwsI5JPt

The absolute state of this fallacy. Next you'll be claiming all great philosophers should cite their sources like it's some bullshit proprietary contest.

181 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-12-31 20:38 ID:DvwJhh91

What is 5ch and why do I keep seeing it posted? I've never even seen it mentioned outside of here.

182 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-12-31 20:39 ID:Heaven

Ah nevermind, I'm an idiot. I had no idiot 2ch rebranded. I wonder why they did that?

183 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2019-01-01 04:20 ID:LOjNN4MK

AFAIK: Hiroyuki had a falling out with the American guy, Jim Hawkins, that he was paying to actually run the site. Jim continued to run the site for a while since he owned the server and domain name and was also located in the USA so Hiroyuki couldn't do diddly squat. Then Jim sold the site to some Japanese corporation. Then the Japanese corporation changed the site name because they thought it would make it harder for Hiroyuki to sue them or something.

Meanwhile Hiroyuki rage-created which is a 2/5ch scraper and then bought 4chan and became moot 2.0.

184 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2019-01-01 14:10 ID:6m8Vd2vG

So Hiro actually lost 2/5ch? Sounds like theft.

185 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2019-01-01 23:55 ID:LOjNN4MK

He has argued that, yes. Unfortunately for him, he operated them in a way that deliberately set up a legal minefield to guard against butthurt Japanese people suing over libel/warez/etc, and then found himself on the wrong side of that minefield.

186 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2019-01-02 03:04 ID:yvjPP1KM

187 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2019-01-05 21:54 ID:DvwJhh91

This is actually more confusing than I initially thought and now I feel more lost than I did before. Weird stuff.

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Ajit Pai is the MESSIAH, and here's proof! (2)

1 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-12-30 01:23 ID:8cX42u5R

Right on this video right here!

2 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-12-30 08:10 ID:IqlyJuDl

Indians are creepy and disgusting

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Site's becoming too fast (13)

1 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-08-19 12:20 ID:eBfm+ZQ1

I can't find my month-old posts when I check in anymore.

4 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-09-17 16:25 ID:1BfJOIXR

AAAAA the future is coming but it's coming too fast, please slow it down.

5 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-09-21 14:57 ID:qYvOklr9

VERY fast bored moving at incredible hihg speed

6 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-09-22 02:49 ID:1BfJOIXR

did you hear that

what was that

there it is again!

That's the sound of VIP Quality posts zippin' right by at the speed of light on the internet! Wow!

7 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-09-26 11:04 ID:+IN7fJU0

Uhh, excuse me. It's actually going a bit fast.

8 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-10-17 23:45 ID:ulKhO0rx


9 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-10-23 06:53 ID:u+r9rZGz

More than one post per day is, in fact. We could get used to this. You never know.

10 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-10-30 16:33 ID:BoT8sQkY

Which I think is good for the site. Heheh...

11 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-11-21 15:02 ID:SHswhGl0


12 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-11-23 08:39 ID:1BfJOIXR

There's no breaks on the great post train, just enjoy 'em while they pass!


13 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-12-10 21:45 ID:nep/hVSE

The future is now, old man

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☆(´∀`)★How often do you check 4ch★(,,゚Д゚)☆ (183)

1 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2006-04-02 18:49 ID:HQClHlbg

Me, I check once or twice a day. It seems like more people are coming each week.

174 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-08-18 08:57 ID:3cmu+BH0




175 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-09-05 09:21 ID:ypWKpKLP

I make some posts for some weeks, then I stop because I'm busy irl, and around 1 year later I remember 4-ch exist, start getting nostalgic about textboard like >>155 and start posting again. Rinse and repeat.

176 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-09-06 19:27 ID:3Atl2+/n

Why is this thread bringing tears to my eyes

177 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-09-06 22:25 ID:Yksbvpiw

we are all gonna die anon
we are useless against time, we can only follow it to the end
dust to dust, ashes to ashes
here, have a hug ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

178 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-09-14 01:43 ID:aiLrclZY

(v v)
(_ _)

I think it's nice to know that people like us still exist. The fact that we're checking on dead websites almost 10 years after the last significant traffic, and the fact that it still allows us to post is neat.

179 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-09-15 10:13 ID:vm7TZpsT


180 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-09-23 21:05 ID:ce8R2HfN

There's beauty in the simplicity. <3 4ch!

181 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-09-25 10:21 ID:Qj1ZJJr7

I actually think it's better in a way now that there's no rational reason to even be here.

182 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-09-27 22:02 ID:kUpUP5oD

Once or twice a day.

183 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-09-30 21:07 ID:uUF/+X1S

I check it daily, it's a good site.

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[Archeology] All Threads [Nostalgia] (8)

1 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2015-08-04 01:30 ID:KCsKCM2i

Do you ever find yourself browsing through the All Threads list and enjoying very old posts? It's very nice to read through, very relaxing. It's like communicating backwards in time.

2 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2015-08-07 02:36 ID:e8QX5ewB

Yes all the time. I'm so sick of the rest of the internet. This place is my respite away from social media.

3 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2015-11-09 18:46 ID:YUUDamDg

It's calm and relaxing, kind of like gardening maybe, or reading old letters.

4 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-06-23 22:56 ID:OBfzOF3p

Ye, i actually just started doing this (I never posted on this site then, though). It's super interesting seeing opinions change over years in a single thread.

5 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-06-28 15:34 ID:x/0LkD2j

what about when you stumble across all the fun you had on a site like this (or any site for that matter) and then you look at how many people are active and it's barley reaching double digits when it used to be thriving. I find that depressing as shit.

For me games hurt, like Return to Castle Wolfenstein when the multiplayer wasn't dead was amazing. I recently booted it up again to find no servers online and none of my friends want to play because graphics or someshit. Man that's depressing. You can get a sense of how bad its gotten seeing as this was posted like a year ago.

6 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-06-30 01:15 ID:AhQMO7h4

Some bastardized version of the Civilization III multiplayer has limped along for the last decade, but I never was much for multiplayer games.

I think the reason textboards attract so many of these (>>5) sort of posts is that textboards are the last stop on the line before people outgrow the internet. It hasn't been around for long enough in anything like its current state for a whole user lifecycle to be mapped out, but the two sorts of posts that keep coming up on textboards being 1) complaints about "normies," remembering how much better things used to be, and 2) angst about the habbits people have picked up, like the thread about how to stop being an otaku on the Personal Issues board and the complaints about internet use both here and on Net Culture. This theory also explains why textboards, at least English ones, are always skating on the edge of extinction; the users keep moving away.

I remember I used to read a lot in my youth, before I had a regular internet connection. 2-3 hours daily, and I would always try to read at least 50 pages. After prolonged exposure to networked information technology, I gradually stopped reading in any sustained way for pleasure. Over the last few months I've been trying to get back to that, with middling amounts of sucess. Its not like I have so much work anyway.

What people do after textboards, I don't know. Maybe they just get lives like everyone else and go on to become someone's eccentric uncle. I guess the world could use a few more eccentric uncles.

Post too long. Click to view the whole post or the thread page.

7 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2016-11-11 19:52 ID:ICAnDrYf

dicks out for Harambe

8 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-09-22 02:53 ID:+3fcUw/+

I enjoyed reading your blog, Anonymous Addict. I hope you got back to reading more in the past few years! Good luck out there, or here, if you're still here.

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OMG racist (6)

1 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2011-11-14 15:46 ID:+RlurGtv

racism is wrong

2 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2011-11-14 23:31 ID:Heaven

The two people I hate most in the world are racists and African Americans.

3 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2017-10-15 17:28 ID:lg2z04vY

Tsk, tsk

4 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2017-10-15 22:37 ID:zxL8KYa/

To some people call them slick, other people call them slack. I prefer to just call them Native Americans.

5 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-09-01 12:39 ID:DP+82BdG


6 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-09-14 04:11 ID:Eb0cySDA

jiggaboo jones on fleck lik dat nigga fag boi

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Goodbye world2ch! (31)

1 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2017-12-02 10:13 ID:5QTWt0//

world2ch is dead as of today, hopefully somebody has some sort of archive.

22 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-06-02 19:43 ID:IavdBENp

And now it's gone again, along with Espeon. What?

23 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-06-13 04:36 ID:WWv2Lwba

I guess it truly is the end now. RIP world2ch

24 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-06-14 16:10 ID:TVS7BGTm

Blank :(

25 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-06-24 02:12 ID:yhKk42eJ

It's not coming back ;_;

26 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-06-24 16:06 ID:Heaven


27 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-07-01 02:03 ID:Heaven


28 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-08-18 13:14 ID:+U9M/p/N

hey internet addicts

so I made this entry about 4chan and I'm positive one of you (like shii/menchi, for instance) may have obscure knowledge that is "out of the way".

29 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-08-18 13:16 ID:+U9M/p/N


notice us, 0037...

30 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-08-18 13:46 ID:Heaven

hey let's make keep this thread alive to see the day when 0037 will reply to:
>>28 and

31 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-09-08 01:32 ID:Au8Bu+/P


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4-ch is dead? (99)

1 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2014-11-13 07:33 ID:SUNLd6q3

The only relevant textboard in english ;_;

90 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2017-05-10 01:24 ID:Heaven

i dont enjoy cliquing and ibs seems to be a place for your chat group you grew up with, and em caring about their ass
liek removing sexuality cause pedo text shit.

91 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-04-29 14:05 ID:gafvnwID

I posted this thread 4 years ago, my life changed so much since

92 Post deleted.

93 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-06-24 16:01 ID:MJegr5VN

I like this place, it seems nice.
Maybe I'll stay.

94 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-06-26 18:20 ID:rZBkAvBh

It's not dead, it's just shit.

95 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-07-06 00:51 ID:uVAo9UBr

 ( __ )    
 ( ・∀・) < My name is Squeeks and that was always the intent, >>94.
 (つ   つ 
 | | |     

96 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-08-12 05:40 ID:VeoF5wgS

4-ch is the best !!

97 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-09-02 17:54 ID:hmHSsfS0

this place is slow :(

98 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-09-03 07:17 ID:ycaP6vaV

sup losers

99 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-09-05 21:52 ID:cWMgZV18

and now it's changed over the past 5 months.
Tell us what's changed in your life anon

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Le Know Your Meme editor (3)

1 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-08-18 13:00 ID:/7h77DrO

by any chance, does anyone here have obscure knowledge of 4chan?

2 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-08-18 13:01 ID:/7h77DrO

wait i didn't mean to post this twice, sorry mods...

3 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-08-18 13:50 ID:Heaven

feel free to repost this thread on DQN

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New thread

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