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picture with a joke!

eris walks into tifa's bar and she notices tifa has a patch over her right eye and a hook for her left hand.

eris: what happened to your hand?
tifa: it was bitten off by a chocobo!
eris: what about the patch then?
tifa: i was giving a hand job to some random bloke for a few silver when the wanker shot his load off right in my eye!
eris: cloud has shot his load off in my eye many a time and while it certainly can sting not once has it ever left me blinded.
tifa: well, it was the first day I had the hook

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File: 1501665928949.jpg -(52009 B, 433x411) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

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Thank you for making the internet weird again.

>> No.3365  

what about the legs?

>> No.3367  


originly the picture only went down to her knees so i edited in a pair of wooden peg legs so she could walk. but i couldn't think of anything humorous to explain them.

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File: 1503911293713.jpg -(44515 B, 357x339) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

and here mihoshi of the tenchi muyo!
with twin wooden peglegs!

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