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That is how I feel after getting a much better understanding of electricity and core concepts of electricity such as

why is voltage current times resistance

Voltage, current, and resistance are measurements of a complete circuit. Amps is defined as "...of a complete circuit..."

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Little children sexually excited me and makes me want to go full release inside them again. Anime just strengthens my libido and energizes me to get out there and find more young girls, whether it be from community centers or from friends of family I have access to.

I also like Star Trek. Pic not related.

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Arrests of babyfuckers like you are happening about 100 times more often these days. I'd hide that malfunction or do the world a favor and kill myself if I were you.

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I too like to show children my penguin

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who the fuck are you

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Mmm little white girl. The slapping sound of my cock into a bald little cunny. So small and light, can get her in the right position easily. I once stuffed a 100pk CD spindle up my butt and I came extra hard and at the last second and she fell half out of the futon.

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