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when was the last time you cried tears of joy?

>> No.7630  

I cumcry sometimes. It's not a emotion thing really. It's just when there is this cute little schoolage girl and it's her first or second time with me I get choked up before I cum and my face gets puffy and I think the muscle movements squirts more tears out of my tear ducts.

I've cumcried masturbating to little kids too. I end up mixing small amounts of ketamine and shit that I give them sometimes and it makes the orgasms more powerful.

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>> No.7632  

When I realized how enlightened scandinavians really are. Truly the master race, unlike those US rednecks with ugly features and their run-down states.

>> No.7633  

I believe that releasing inside a middle school age girls is one of the best experiences one can experience in life and should be promoted not shunned.

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