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i just want to tell you that i love you

>> No.7637  

No you don't!

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Nobody loves you.

>> No.7645  

Give me proof?

>> No.7654  

You t-too.

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You post here.

>> No.7662  

No. I don't.

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A little childs pussy is something special and should be nurtured and respected until 11 or so when she comes of age. It should be exercised and enjoyed, perhaps gussied with and held dear. The first moment of penetration will always be sweet, but realize that many girls hymens by that age will always be broken. Be it by bicycle riding, gymnastics and other sports.

I hope you hold a childs pussy dear to your heart, because after their sweet 16 and all the schools and societies brainwashing, it will nevet be the same again.

I wish you the best in your grooming and caretaking endeavors.

>> No.8550  

"Why did I ever let ambition brush aside real romance?" That reminds me of how I made a nice DIY artificial vagina last night. All I used was 1 cardboard cup from a fast food place, 2 rubber gloves, 2 socks, 1 rubber band, 1 larger plastic cup, water, and my ingenuity. It felt silky smooth and better than hand-stroking-penis masturbation. I could improve my design, I think, by instead using 3 socks, 3 rubber gloves, and 2 or more rubber bands. (Previously I wrote that they were rubber gloves; they might have been latex, but I can't tell the difference.) Writing this reminds me of Fallout 4 crafting. For this object the required objects are:
* 1 cardboard cup
* 1 large cup
* 2 rubber bands
* 3 rubber gloves
* 3 socks
* water

One can obviously see what Google's "nfpr" parameter does, for example:



But what does "nfpr" stand for? "No Format Per Request" maybe?

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