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I was spending time with my family at my sisters last night since Thanksgiving. Each day I knowticed I was feeling worse and worse so I decided to come home last night. I really didnt want to go, my niece finally sucked my dick and I was having a great time but thats another story.

I ploped myself down in bed last night thinking maybe it was food poisoning but I wasnt vomiting or had stomach trouble. I woke up so lethargic this morning and it hit me... I didnt have a bit of any meat since Wednesday because I was with my vegetarian asinine sister the whole weekend.

I got up a few hours ago and I literally felt like I was wasting away. I almost considered calling the hospital a county over and having them send out a ambulance. I went down to our winter kitchen and got out a frozen baggie of individually sliced roast beef. (Thats how I keep my sandwich meats for convenience) I was so lethargic I didnt even want to go get bread to make a sandwich. I squirted some arbys horsey sauce in the baggie and put it in the microwave .30 one side .30 another. Stuffed my face with it and wallowed back up to bed. Its 12:42pm now and its been almost 3 hours and I am back to 90%.

Tldr: Stop killing yourselves and eat meat for airwolfs sake!

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>for airwolfs sake

copypasta'd directly from 7chan circa 2008?

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No, Ive just been saying that for many many years.

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