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[OFFENSIVE] Teach us how to swear in your language! (136)

1 Name: Anonymous Linguist : 2006-03-28 16:37 ID:5eQh9n3j

Sadly, I only speak English :( but learning to swear in another language interests me, not only it means I can yell at you in your own language, but, if I do try and say something, avoiding the offensive words are easier if I know what they are!

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127 Name: Anonymous Linguist : 2009-01-22 07:46 ID:Ksk8g+qh


Bouffe ma queue calisse de fag - Eat my cock you fucking faggot
Brûlez dans l'enfer - Burn in hell

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128 Name: Anonymous Linguist : 2009-02-10 02:12 ID:k4LXjpRu

As a French from France, I have to add that a good part of these are actually Quebec French expressions and are not used at all in France.

This is just informal, some of them are awesome :P

129 Name: Anonymous Linguist : 2009-02-10 03:33 ID:okBWKRQy


As a native Québécois, I have to say that some of these insults are quite creative! But sadly, it seems that the one who compiled them is not a francophone... Some gender agreements are horrid. But well, nice to him! He has a good imagination!

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130 Name: Anonymous Linguist : 2009-02-10 20:18 ID:bFfR6L44

"Fick dich du arschgefickter Hurensohn!" - "Fuck you you assfucked son of a bitch!"

131 Name: Anonymous Linguist : 2009-02-11 05:59 ID:3SUV4dDO

Sign language:

4 fingers up, then pointer and thumb in a circle - F
2 fingers up, together - U

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132 Name: Anonymous Linguist : 2012-05-08 11:29 ID:j5ub9EAr


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133 Name: M235-i : 2012-09-18 13:34 ID:UiDZ9T0C

Jende = Bitch
Kiri = Nasty Dick sucker
Kuni = Faggot
Nane Jende = Son of a bitch

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134 Name: Anonymous Linguist : 2012-10-20 13:30 ID:CnBR4XcL


Naser si cobolaku.
Zkurveny madari.

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