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egyptian (6)

1 Name: Anonymous Linguist : 2007-07-08 01:21 ID:dtZDrk2Q

hi. im interested in learning. just want to know, who here speaks? and how hard?

2 Name: Anonymous Linguist : 2007-07-08 19:21 ID:NFoWsKnP

Egyptian Arabic?

3 Name: Anonymous Linguist : 2007-07-17 18:42 ID:D/a+xoAk

I speak very hard, actually. Sometimes, it causes my mouth to hurt because I am so hard.

4 Name: Anonymous Linguist : 2007-07-24 19:21 ID:dtZDrk2Q

their language is egyptian arabic right?

5 Name: Anonymous Linguist : 2007-07-26 00:10 ID:Heaven


6 Name: Anonymous Linguist : 2007-07-29 20:20 ID:Dih/S4wQ

I speak Modern Standard Arabic, and am learning the Egyptian dialect. It's rather easy, and for the most part I can understand Egyptians... unlike most other North African countries- I can barely understand Moroccans, Tunisians, Mauritanians, or Algerians because they put so much French and Spanish and oooollllldddd Andalusian Arabic into their dialect.

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