going from 0 girls to 3 in a week!? (23)

1 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-04-16 16:11 ID:Ba++9zRk

background: i was a poorly-dressed, long-haired basement-dwelling geek virgin.. but everything changed 6 months ago. I got up, moved out, invested in new clothes, and started doing social things like going to bars. Well, not everything changed: I'm still a virgin.

Early this week, I asked a virgin female friend to sleep with me, more out of despiration than anything else.. to my surprise, she agreed to it when she gets back from a personal trip (she's away taking care of some elderly family members, but it's almost over). apparently she's been too timid to ask me out, but she's wanted to for a while now.

late last night, I got an e-mail from another girl (whom i liked a year or two ago, but haven't spoken with in months). She's missed me and saw me recently, and barely recognized me because, apparently, now i'm "hot". she broke up with her bf a few months back and wants (she said "needs") sex. i haven't responded, but need to in the next few days.

well, to top that off, today (i work at a university that doesn't believe in easter breaks), a girl came up with a problem and as i was fixing it for her, she started dropping suggestions that we go out sometime. apparently she's come in before for help and has seen me and wants to get to know me better. i told her i can't talk about it on the job, so we traded phone numbers. i get off work in 10 hours.

what do i do, /love/?

no pictures, but in terms of hotness, they're all average. #3 > #1 > #2, but not by much.

2 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-04-16 16:15 ID:vHgsxPnN


Have you tried praying to Odin? That's what I always do.

3 Name: 電気男 : 2006-04-16 17:26 ID:dsNzlpxf

Well lucky you. But play it safe, if you want a relationship with any of them you'll have to let the other two know whats up, and if you explain it to them carefully, you might get off okay. But if thats not your thing, might as well live it up and bone all three of them. Be careful on #3 though. I too am a tutor at my university, some pretty fine honeys come in and although I help them, my lack of good looks and professional attitude keeps me out of trouble. I had to go through a bunch of sexual harassment training and shit, but if its off campus its prolly okay. Good luck dude, I can only hope that I can be as lucky as you some day.

4 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-04-16 17:41 ID:Heaven

Hit them all for the experience. If you find out that you like any of them later just take it from there.

5 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-04-16 21:33 ID:Jv2alh9J

Lucky bastard!

6 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-04-16 23:42 ID:XmDD5NnG

can i have the ones you dont play with?

7 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-04-17 00:27 ID:HQfAFKw7

if this is true there here is what you do.
pick the one with the largest breast.

8 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-04-17 04:12 ID:XmDD5NnG

okay im alittle skeptical of this but if it is true:

for 1, as soon as you have sex, things will be different, she may become attached to you and want a relationship, so becareful.

2, she just wants sex, just a random hookup, nothing sexual satisfication will come with that.

3, you will have to start with the dating and work your way to a relationship or sex, unless she is loose and sex will be no problem.

i would stick with 1, you already got a friendship with her, and sex will (hopefully) build on that, plus less work for you. however if you want to pursue 3, then leave 1 alone. try not to take both of them 'a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush'

9 Name: 1 : 2006-04-17 06:37 ID:Ba++9zRk

Yeah.. my uni is deadly serious about sexual harassment on the job. One of my coworkers wrote "Hobbies: Your office or mine?" in his LDAP entry and when HR found out, both he and my boss were sent through sexual harassment training. It had something to do with my boss "allowing" my coworker to have that entry in the directory, even though my boss has no control over our entries.

Technically, there was no luck involved.
I started wearing dockers and button down shirts instead of blue jeans and tshirts, and cut my beard and hair short. That's what attracted #2 and #3. #1 liked me before, but as i said, she never asked me, so i was completely oblivious.

I wonder how many other people could score dates by simply wearing better clothes?

yeah, it's a bit unbelievable, and what i'm saying isn't everything, but it's the important parts. i can totally relate to a lot of the posters here, since i lived the whole "insecure anime fan" thing for almost 10 years.

i'm not completely against the notion of a long-term relationship -- i've got degrees, and have accepted a job in the private sector (that pays twice as well as the uni), so i've got a bit of stability in my life.

So, update:
i called #3 and we talked for a long while, but it was rather strained. i'm going to preemptively say "not gonna work out". we're pretty different, and not in good ways.

i e-mailed #2 back, saying i was interested. i guess i'm 'okay' with a random hookup, if that's really all it is..

10 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-04-17 10:01 ID:Heaven

if there's one with only one breast, I don't care how large it is, I'd be definitely picking one of the other two.

11 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-04-17 11:14 ID:/LAHLBV1

Bro, your destiny plays with you and -in a few days- gave you 3 girls. I think, if do you have to learn how make 'sex', you could search a girl who have most sex experiences. If she don't like you -or you don't like her- then you would search to another who have some practice. I not recomended a timid girl, because, she is virgin. And thinking about it, you virgin, she virgin, two virgins in the world... so sad, orz. It would be better if you have some experiences before you go out with a timid girl. It would be better for her too.

This is only my opinion. I don't know your real feelings about those women.

12 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-04-17 14:40 ID:xC98zsAK

Okay guys seriously I have to say the a lot of the advice given to you from before is sorta shaky/ it could get you in spot you might not want to go...

I think you shouldn't try to hit on them all since that can only spell death in the long run, try to pick one

I think the 2nd is the worse since she seems loose
breaking up with bf just for sex Bah!

so that leaves you with 1 or 3 since you seemed to be a dateless virgin for the better part of your life I think instead of just rushing into sex, it you should try to actually get a relationship? Don't date both at the same time but get to know both of them a little more first then decide which one would suit you better,
which one do you have more common interest with,
which one do you see more often and etc

If you are given such a chance you shouldn't just try to get cheap source of sex but rather a relationship?

13 Name: Not A Secret Admirer : 2006-04-17 15:51 ID:Heaven

"I got up, moved out, invested in new clothes, started wearing dockers and button down shirts instead of blue jeans and tshirts, and cut my beard and hair short. I wonder how many other people could score dates by simply wearing better clothes?"

It really does work, heh.

It sounds like #3 isn't working out. I'm not going to dictate to you what your principles should be, but if you sleep with #2, and #1 ever finds out about it, you can forget about a relationship with #1. I don't know how long "for a while now" is, but I would guess that this lifestyle change has something to do with #1 working up the guts to talk to you (as you've gone from "friend" to "attractive possibility"), and doing something like having a one-night stand with #2 will probably shake that. Of course, one-night stands require much less commitment than a relationship, and aren't something you have to worry about "working out". My advice would be, whatever your morals and principles are, to base your decision on #1, since girls like #2 you can get at bars and social parties, etc.

14 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-04-18 01:31 ID:xC98zsAK

ya safest bet is go for #1 all the way relationshipwise

15 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-04-19 03:40 ID:K3HrmYSw

Stick with #1! Don't touch #2 with a ten foot clown pole.

16 Name: K-Man : 2006-05-20 04:19 ID:Whombh9M

I personaly would stay with one. I beleive you should go with the one you like the most. If you want to go with all three think of the consequences if any of the others found out. Just listen to your heart.

17 Name: RedMuppet : 2006-05-20 19:25 ID:RzRiVjua

I agree with what a lot of the guys are saying. It's either 1 or 3. Personally I'd go for 1 just because I love the idea of falling in love with my friend - what could be better? Well, not to say that #3 isn't a great gal, but, well, I guess it depends on how you feel about #1. You did ask her for sex so maybe you're somewhat attracted? On the other hand, I'd rethink about this sex thing. If things do hit off with #1 then the sex will be that much better, right?

18 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-05-21 19:30 ID:5shsZUvx

3. Put it in!

19 Name: Mireille guy : 2006-05-21 22:37 ID:QFwBmsM6

Go out in on a date with each of them, have sex with #1, talk about #2's problems and "comfort her" if needed, and "go out" with #3.
Be cool and enjoy. You'll figure out which one to choose. Since sex is not everything, and none of them you have a relationship yet, it doesn't matter if u indulge in all three of them. Make sure you and your chosen partner talk it over and draw a clear line when your relationship takes a step into a couple.

20 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-05-25 15:41 ID:jS3kZ41O

#1 is too needy. Take it slow with her, be her friend. Chances are she'll get into relationship with someone else which won't last,
she's too busy/overly cautious to date, so you can buy time

#2 is a fucking superficial skank who only "needs" another notch on her belt. She may be hot, but you definitely won't share anything serious. You could probably get away with feeling her up. Also, STD's are a bitch.

#3 seems to be the most normal. I'd say see what happens with her

Above all, be honest.

21 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-05-27 09:50 ID:maqsdP05

How about an update?
As for my take, #2 sounds like the kind of woman you need to stay away from. If she NEEDS it immediatly after breaking up then she obviously didn't value her last BF and won't value you either.
I'd go with #1. She seems nice in comparison to what you've told us about the others.

22 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-05-27 21:36 ID:u4LNtYkQ

I think, if you're a virgin, you're going about this the wrong way. If you're interested in #1, go out with her, but definitely don't push for the sex right away if you want a relationship, and it sounds like she might want one enough to put out, but it's still... don't rush into it just because you haven't had it. You go out with her, it will happen.

#2: Don't go this way if you're looking for any of the above in the category: "Love & Romance". If you're just looking for sex, by all means, go that way. I don't respect the ones just out for sex, especially without anything built up, but it's your call.

#3 actually seems the most respectful. Regardless of whether #1 wanted to go out with you, agreeing to sleep with you because she wants a relationship with you still isn't the best way to be going about things. 3 has committed to going out on dates, nothing more, which sounds the most preferrable <no matter how long you've been a virgin>, and the most clean.

If you're looking for sex and nothing more:
#1 is going to give you sex, but will want a relationship. Killjoy if you're going for the sex angle.

#2 is what you're looking for. She'll open up for you, no questions asked. Of course, she sounds like she's pretty much open to everyone, so keep that in mind.

#3, the girl at work has suggested going out and nothing more, so what she'd be up for is kind of unknown at this time.

Either way you go about it, good luck.

23 Name: Secret Admirer : 2017-03-13 06:10 ID:BzCTp8Ax

dicks out for Harambe

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