It's fucking emo night! (24)

14 Name: 1 : 2006-05-02 06:16 ID:O3ZM+n0V

>>12, of course I know you. You've been saying stupid things on DQN recently, you nononymous.

God, you guys make a lot of sense from a whole lot of different directions, you know? It's beautiful, which is why it's called the L&R board.

She hasn't really brought up the issue of meeting the guy in a while. Hell, she hasn't even seen him all that much for around a month, but generally I don't like having to hold a conversation about him, because I always feel like I'm being compared to him. That's... probably true, considering.

The next time that me and him meeting comes up, I'm not gonna back down. But, a friend of mine told me that I should really be patient about everything, so I'd rather not rush to meet him. I mean, hell, the idea gets me fucking nervous, I can't deny that. All I hear about the guy is that he hates just about everyone and especially me. But, when we meet, I'm gonna keep my cool and, come rain or snowcones, I'll come out the better man in the end.

I can't really say anything for my actions this far. I'm a dipshit, a damn horny dipshit even. I really wanna do it with her. I wanna do everything with her. And I'll do anything for her. Because, to me, that's love, and I'll do anything I have to for love. Any damn thing.

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