It's fucking emo night! (24)

17 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-05-08 22:49 ID:DqkHdzIk

She almost sounds as if she's searching for affirmation of her worth beyond her probably ignoring and bossy boyfriend that treats her like her property. Your story sounds a lot like something a friend of mine went through last year though. He tried to get her to dump her boyfriend, but she was clingy and felt the safest situation was the one she already was in, so his appeals to make her venture into uncharted waters scared her and made her cling even more to the semi-abusive relationship with her boyfriend, and in the end ditched my friend as his constant desire for change in her situation irked her. Any significant change scared her too much, she didn't think she'd be strong enough to handle things if they went awry.

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