It's fucking emo night! (24)

18 Name: 1 : 2006-05-09 00:27 ID:MuH7bhAj

Yeah, >>17, it's not exactly a new situation. The best thing your friend could've done was continually reinforce the fact that he'd be there for her no matter what. Stuff like that doesn't work for me, though, since no matter what I do from here on I'm pretty much doomed to get yelled at every other day by this girl for a bunch of made-up reasons.

She yelled at me for a bunch of made-up reasons yesterday, through AIM. Said I was trying to ruin her relationship and all that. I'm... I'm not even sure how to go about ruining a relationship that barely shows any signs of existing outside of her mentioning on occasion the rare nice things her boyfriend does for her, and there's kind of a big difference between me trying to be a nice guy and occasionally responding to her saying we should be in a relationship and me consciously trying to ruin a relationship.

The difference is that if I'm in enough of a vile dickheadish mood to straight up try to ruin a relationship, it's not gonna take me a damn year to do. And someone's gonna break something.

But anyway, digressing. She called up this morning and apologized for the way she acted yesterday. She asked me to call her back, but I don't want to, because she probably meant all those things, even if she was stressed out from working on finals. Like a lot of people, myself included, she can be pretty contradictory sometimes. And, well, if I called her up today, I'd probably get annoyed at her and call her a whiny manipulative gold-digger, and I like her too much to say anything like that.

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