Many Women and One Confused Man \(>.<)/** (52)

29 Name: Hanyuu : 2007-04-29 18:30 ID:Zgddsr2O

You're right. That is a NICE way of putting it. Frankly, I was thinking about calling the OP a dickhead with a stone for his mind and hole for his heart. Can't decide? Excuse me? If any one of those girls knew that you were playing the fucking bachelor, they'd dump you. You're putting them up and appraising them like objects, you loon. And guess what? If you were serious in a girl and the situations were reversed, how would you feel if she said, "Oh you're not as good as #3, so I chose not to be with you!" They are all interested in your for a reason (God, I swear I don't know why), but from the looks of it, it's not because of your intelligence or kindness. Maybe you're some fucking actor who just got the perfect mask for the perfect act, your charlatan.

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