Many Women and One Confused Man \(>.<)/** (52)

35 Name: Laten Talent : 2007-04-29 22:58 ID:TpxzV4uj

When I said choose who I was going to talk to, I wasn't talking about the girls I'm talking to now but a larger number of woman to whom were interested in me (not to be cocky or anything because I'm not trying to) I do see truth in what u are talking about, I do believe in true love, and in order to find that love I need to sort out my own feelings before I set out to find a girl, but u see I am very inexperienced as u can tell So I came here asking for help to sort it out and find the best possible way to find the right one. So sorry if u felt I insulted you in anyway, but believe me what u said that u agree with Severin is basically the same thing as agreeing with me since Severin did pretty much just sum up my words and added a lil advice.

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