i need help with my girl and her bad cousin (26)

1 Name: Amphetamine Kiss : 2007-08-16 13:00 ID:uz/uVl3f

well first of all i met this wonderful girl... shes 2 years younger. her parents are ok with me dating her but then along comes her cousin who for some reason judges me cuz i USED to play DDR and wore army boots when i was like 15-16 and now im 18. and everyday he says bad things about me to my girl and she doesnt believe him but it hurts her soo much she cries and she and i arent giving up just cuz of that. but i cant stand to know that she cries cuz her cousin claims hes saving her from pain BY GIVING HER PAIN... and he threatens her by saying shell destroy me to her family... and i cant fight him cuz she doesnt want me to tech him a lesson... i wanna resolve this and just get him to stop making her cry and feel bad before i lose it and make a mistake with him... i already tried talking to him but he just played along till my "sources" told me he just did that to let my guard down so itll be easier to bring me down... i dont know what to do i cant find a way to reason with him... hes the typical "socially inclined rich guy" whos smart and ignorant and only cares about social strata... and hes egocentric he is one huge ass thats trying to take the world inside >_>
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