i need help with my girl and her bad cousin (26)

24 Name: Amphetamine Kiss : 2007-08-20 02:56 ID:YgLs8JE6

thanks 23 and 21 i get your point sorry about the ranting i do admit i have been a ass and judged the guy alil fast but its just that when i tried getting to know him he just insulted me i guess you guys have a point just dont make it about my past lifestyle ill edit my myspace sometime this week then thanks for the help and advice you guys helped and for those who did insult me i apologize for fighting back i guess i did kinda set myself up with the myspace but im not the kinda guy my myspace reflects anymore so at the very least just reconsider that part. sorry for the wrong grammar i and spellings i dont watch out for it thanks for givin me a reality check while helpin me ill take most of what the negative posts said and prove them wrong but some things i admit is my fault i just hoped they wouldve said it alil more kindly rather thank insulting me and all that. i thank all of you for your help and im open to any more advice so youre welcome to give more. to everyone whos helped me so far i thank you for it and i owe you and one day god will repay you for this thanks guys for keeping the love alive in the world
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