Approaching someone of a higher "status" (21)

1 Name: TW : 2007-11-13 02:27 ID:7O335Xay

So, I'm interested in a guy in my philosophy of science class, but he's a PhD. (and a professor at my school in a different area than my major) auditing the class and as a sophomore undergraduate I'm a bit hesitant to approach him directly, if at all. He has a lot of the same interests as me and we have a great time talking after class; the age difference isn't too daunting either (he just got his PhD. about a year ago), but I'm scared to just ask him out, he is a PhD. after all. Should I even be thinking about going after a professor? I really don't know what to do, my best friend keeps telling me I should just go for it, but I really hate the idea of going into something where I don't know the outcome... Help?

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