What’s wrong with me? (77)

58 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-12-18 02:56 ID:AutWIJXZ

Hay guys. I’ve been working on finals right now so I haven’t had to much to report but something nice did happen today. There is a girl in my landscape architecture class who I think is kind of cute, lets cal her Rin-chan. Well she is rather cute, but she is the kind of girl that attracts male attention without trying and quite frankly I don’t stand a chance. I am pretty sure I have already been friend zoned anyway but that is beside the point. So yesterday she decides to call me up and ask me some questions about the take home exam we have. Now there are plenty of other guys who are far more interesting than me that she could have asked for help but she asked me. We just finished talking about what we were going to do on Friday when I mentioned that I was thinking about going to the media lab to watch a film that day. Out of the blue suggests that we see an anime I had told her about. She has never seen anime before and I had jokingly suggested that I could teach her al about it. I was surprised that I might tern into we without any suggestion on my part. Well we shall see how it goes. Nothing is going to happen but it will be fun to hang out with an attractive girl for once.

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