Lighthearted story (52)

1 Name: Library Girl : 2008-11-26 15:21 ID:Ki3gjG1Q

I work in one of the smaller branches of my school library system. Since it's small, I have the advantage of recognizing most of the patrons who come in with any degree of regularity. Lately, I've been noticing a certain boy every time he's there when I'm working.

The first time I talked to him, he was checking out a book while his very gay friend and/or classmate was talking loudly about something on the computer. We smiled at each other, sort of rolling our eyes at his friend.

The second time, he was doing a project that involved getting lots of material that's kept in the staff area of the library. He (and others working on the same sort of project) kept me busy helping them all day. At the end of the day he apologized for keeping me so busy. I think I told him it was fine, since it was my job. (What I really wanted to say was that I was more than happy to do it for him, since he's so good looking and nice.)

Sadly, on this day I'd been out with friend the night before, had gotten very little sleep, and wasn't looking my best.

The third time we talked was arguably the best and most awesome. I was standing around talking to my bosses about the hours over winter break. He walked in the library and stood there sort of vacantly for a moment. He then said "I know I came in here for a reason, but I don't remember what it was."

One of my bosses said "I do that with my kitchen all the time."

I said something in response to my boss.

Then he said, "Maybe if I walk out and walk back in with a purpose I'll remember." So he did. I didn't get to talk to him any more that evening, so I expect he never figured out why he came in.

Next time he's in, I'm going to be sure to talk to him. Sadly, working at the library isn't the best place to flirt with people, but I can at least be nice. I don't have anything really invested in getting to know him, which is why this is lighthearted. I just wanted to share, and will share more as more things happen. Maybe this will turn into the next big 4-ch love story? Librarians are moe, riiiight?

3 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-11-26 19:05 ID:MGPXnygE

You weren't looking your best? Pah, for me, at least, I like girls more when they look slightly disheveled. It's more...authentic.

He's obviously smitten. Looking forward to seeing how this all plays out.

4 Name: Library Girl : 2008-11-27 19:00 ID:jTYE49cI


The library is not all that good a place to flirt because I actually have to do work while I'm there. But I can't really complain because my working there is the only reason I've ever even talked to him


I don't know that he is smitten. It's very possible he's just being nice and friendly. I haven't gotten the chance to show him that I'm actually quite fun to be around and date...yet.

5 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-11-27 22:37 ID:VUCj+HCA

If you have to help him again, why don't you suggest that he take you out from coffee as thanks. Don't sound smug or anything, or that'd be a serious turn off.

And are you sure his very gay friend isn't his very gay BOYfriend?

6 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-11-28 03:21 ID:xWGy7wOo

Sometimes seemingly gay guys are metrosexuals.

7 Name: Library Girl : 2008-11-28 05:36 ID:dOxFIeyL


To be honest, asking him out sounds way too scary of a thing to do. Especially if he turns me down, it'll be completely awkward because I'd still see him. Mostly I'm just a great big wimp. D:

I don't think they're dating, but there's always the possibility that he's gay. That wouldn't really change much, though. He still seems like a fun person to hang out with.


No, this man is gay. I've never seen a more flaming man in my life.

8 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-11-28 05:49 ID:GrdnWQ9H


"No, this man is gay. I've never seen a more flaming man in my life."

i lold :3

9 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-11-28 06:10 ID:MGPXnygE


You could always wait for him to make a move. Just drop some semi-subtle hints.

10 Name: Library Girl : 2008-11-28 18:01 ID:Gc5aaovC

I'm actually at the very end of a rather serious relationship with someone else, and right now I don't really want anything super serious at the moment. Just someone to spend time with, flirt with, and perhaps have pale, nerdy sex with. ;)


That's the plan. I just need to make him associate the library with a pretty girl smiling at him (people tell me I have an amazing smile), so he'll come in and talk to me more often.

11 Name: Library Girl : 2008-12-01 01:24 ID:JPlP0EnP

So I just got of of my shift a the library. It was a really slow day; I think about 10 people in all came in all day. I hadn't really expected the boy to come in today, but five minutes before closing he walked in and asked me to help him do something on the library website.

Now... I've shown him how to do this before. Or, rather, (if I remember correctly) we figured out how to do this together. The cynical part of me wants to say he'd just forgotten, while the hopeful part of me wants to say that he just wanted an excuse to come into the library.

Either way, I helped him on the computer, then went back to the staff desk. I was really hoping that he'd stay just that tiniest bit late, so I had a good excuse to talk to him again. I had what I was going to say all planned out, too: "I'm afraid I have to kick you out," said with a cute smile. But he left on time, sadly.

We did smile at each other as he walked out.

Then as I was leaving the building for the evening, he walked by me... I should have caught his eye and smiled, but I sort of froze up, got scared, and walked right by. (At that point, I noticed that he had a pencil tucked behind his ear, which I thought was the cutest thing ever.)

So, I'd say that was a successful day, right? And I think he's coming in the library more than he used to. Or maybe I just hadn't noticed him before talking to him. I'm pretty much reading way too far into every action... Yay for not entirely hopeless crushes!

12 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-12-01 03:13 ID:MGPXnygE

Don't worry, Library Girl, I'm pretty sure you're among alot of us when you say that you look too much into his actions.

Though it does look like he's really trying to be around you more, perhaps in an effort to get to know you! Maybe he's mustering up the courage to ask you to go out for a coffee or something, who knows.

13 Name: True : 2008-12-01 13:17 ID:SMS82c5V

I think Library Girl, you should just admire that gay guy. Because I think, that these people tend to make people around them admire them, but when you make your first move, they started to feel intimidated. They don't like it when they know that a girl like them. So, in order to make things more interesting, you should just play around with him, but don't ever tell him how you feel. That will scare him off. Give him some time, and sooner or later, he'll be chasing after you. (Just an opinion though)

14 Name: Library Girl : 2008-12-01 21:11 ID:eahSMpYh


That actually sounds like an entertaining plan. (Which conveniently doesn't involve me doing anything different.)

15 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-12-03 09:23 ID:oEN59gyZ

I wish to be the library boy.

16 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-12-03 14:45 ID:7n3mXcJJ

>>13 Not necessarily a sound plan. Remember, not all guys don't like to be pursued, and some are afraid to be the pursuer.

Is he aggressive/outgoing or is he more withdrawn?

17 Name: Library Girl : 2008-12-03 16:10 ID:Ki3gjG1Q


I wish you were him too! <3

Although, in my head, I think of him as Glasses Boy. Or sometimes by his actual name, which I know because it comes up on the computer screen every time he checks something out.

Glasses boy is actually a rather silly name to use for him, since there are lots of boys with dark hair and glasses who use the library. I barely used to notice it before I started looking for him; now what used to be pleasant eye-candy is getting annoying.


He seems more withdrawn, I think. I'm probably completely projecting my own characteristics onto him, but he seems like the type who's shy when he doesn't know someone well, but a lot more outgoing with friends. On the second day I remember him coming into the library, I'm pretty sure he was standing outside with a bunch of his friends, laughing, after he'd finished his project. I wish I'd come up with an excuse to walk out there.

Either way, I'm not going to pursue him too actively, mostly because the past few months have been kind of horrible for me, and I don't think I'd be able to deal with rejection and the subsequent embarrassment right now. Also, I'm a wimp.

18 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-12-03 21:42 ID:WggT8afI

He's totally interested in you. Coming from a guy, his actions would mirror myself if there was someone I liked. I bet he hung around outside the library before closing, fighting with himself to go in or not.

Want to be a little more aggressive? Next time he checks out a book, do your usual routine but write out your number on another sheet of paper and tuck it into the book before you hand it to him, in plain sight so he sees it. Then say: "In case you want anymore help, give me a call" then smile.

That should be his green light and he'll follow up.

19 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-12-04 11:30 ID:oEN59gyZ

Do this.

20 Name: Library Girl : 2008-12-04 18:27 ID:Mu6WYVi6




I can't be sure. All the things he's done so far, there are likely reasons why he did them that have nothing to do with me. Yeah, maybe he was struggling with himself to go in, but maybe he just needed help. Maybe he does like someone at the library, but it's one of the other girls who works there. I don't know, but I can't be sure.

As I mentioned earlier, I'm actually currently at the end of another relationship. And by that, I mean I'm breaking up with the boy today. Yeah, I know it's kind of shitty to focus on some other boy while still being with someone, but he did kiss someone else a few weeks ago. And then say some horrible, hurtful things to be. D:

Knowing myself, when I'm at the end of dating someone, I then fixate on someone I can't have. So that may be what this is. I don't know.

Either way, I'm not too willing to chase Glasses Boy too much at the moment. Maybe if he's still in the library a lot next quarter.

21 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-12-05 05:42 ID:uRGpdBYH

From the sounds of it, this really isn't the right time for you. This boy seems like a decent enough guy, and you seem to connect with him well enough. It's just... you have too much going on right now in your relationship life. You might just be on some form of rebound, y'know, like you said, wanting someone you can't have.

Here's my advice: after you end your current relationship, wait a while, maybe a week or two or however long it usually takes you, to let yourself calm down. Make sure not to push the boy too far away or bring him too close, which I guess you're kinda doing now. If you're still attracted to this boy after waiting, then it's genuine. You could also spend this recuperating time getting to know him a bit more to make it clearer whether you like him or not.

Anyway, that's my spiel. Good luck. : )

22 Name: Library Girl : 2008-12-08 06:18 ID:/okrLSrF

It's been a week since I last saw him; I think he may have just been in the library for schoolwork after all. Which is okay - since I haven't seen him lately, the crush has been fading.

I did break up with my boyfriend a few days ago, which has been a bit of a relief. I can tell I'm a little fucked up at the moment, though. I'm definitely doing the whole rebound thing, and I'm currently really scared that I'm going to do something that will mess my life up. (For example: kissing one of my best friends. I half want to, but I know that would mess EVERYTHING up.)

I'll probably keep things updated here, if interesting things happen in my love life. There's at least some back-story to tell, and some situations I'm in that are sure will evolve in strange and interesting ways in the future. At the moment, I need to go to sleep because I have a final early tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Library Girl, out.

23 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-12-08 06:52 ID:4I13ELuv

These kinds of stories are why I'm moving from a being a passive observer to being a more proactive guy who asks girls out.

Good luck Library Girl! Hope everything works out

24 Name: Otakun : 2008-12-09 03:55 ID:N+41eOp/

Am I too late? Oh noes, anyways its really too bad time is running out huh Library Girl... Both me and you lol finals are such time sponges. Anyways I was going to say that if you do see him again next time, maybe some off topic small talk would make things easier. Until next time we hear from you! ^_^

25 Name: Library Girl : 2008-12-11 22:06 ID:AfrFPWiz

Last night was hard. At 1am, just as I was falling asleep, my ex-boyfriend's best friend called. Ex-boyfriend had missed the last bus home, and needed a place to stay for the night. I sighed deeply, said yes, and got up in order to make up the couch for him.

About 15 minutes later he arrived at my apartment. I let him in; gave him a hug. He went to kiss me, but I turned my face away. He then pushed me up against the wall (knowing that in the past I'd liked things like that), and tried again. Once again, I turned my face away.

We sat on the couch and talked for a while... once again, he tried his best to seduce me. At the moment, I'm actually not that terribly interested in sex, especially not with him. He doesn't repulse me or anything, but I just can't really be bothered. Moreover, it would make things complicated. Ever since breaking up with him, my life has felt so much simpler. I'm in control again. I don't want my life tangled up with his any more.

He also told me many times that he still loved me, and how sad he was that I left. :/

Finally, I agreed to let him sleep in the same bed as me, since I knew that was the only way I could get him to shut up and let me sleep. He behaved himself during the night.

The next morning, a friend of mine came over to pick something up. I told the ex-boyfriend to stay in the room, since I really didn't want it to look like we had sex.

The friend left... my ex-boyfriend once again tried to sleep with me, and once again I said no. I finished getting ready for work (still no sign of Glasses Boy), and we went out to grab breakfast. Then I took the bus to work.

I really need to get him disentangled from my life, and it's proving to be hard. D:

26 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-12-12 06:04 ID:adaL1/SN

Relationships are too complex to define as either friendship or 'boyfriend-girlfriend', etc.. At what particular point does someone go from being a ompanion to a lover? What exact point in time? I don't like any of these ideas of friends, lovers, acquaintances, etc. I thought I should say this. Not necessarily specifically to you, but it applies to everyone.

27 Name: feitizero : 2008-12-12 07:17 ID:929fXc3Y

>At what particular point does someone go from being a companion to a lover?

I've been pondering this recently. If someone figures it out, let me know.

28 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-12-12 08:10 ID:2C6DylTm

>>Ex-boyfriend had missed the last bus home, and needed a place to stay for the night.

lol, yea rite

Out of curiousity, what happened with you and your ex? What went wrong?

29 Name: Library Girl : 2008-12-12 19:57 ID:bqPf+GK9


We'd just started living together when he quit his job and decided to join the army, leaving me in charge of finding a new room mate. Now, I really hate what the military in my country is doing, so him joining the army made me very unhappy. I told him that I wasn't going to stay with him when he left... we stayed together for a few months, with things just getting worse and worse. He wasn't making any money, and the money I got from my job wasn't nearly enough. I wasn't eating enough, as I was trying to save money for rent, I was doing horribly in school, and he kept accusing me of not supporting him or caring about him any more. We had some pretty dramatic fights, but somehow stayed together, even though we were both miserable.

Then my ex kissed another girl. Somehow we survived THAT, even though I was massively angry. But a few days later, he was talking about how he was planning to go meet her and another friend for lunch... I asked if I could come along. He said no, because "he was afraid it would hurt his future chances."

We almost broke up that night, but didn't. But that really was the end. I left him a few days later. And I feel so much better.

Oh, and his reason for needing to stay at my apartment was that he was out drinking with a girl who started puking and he took her home to take care of her. I met her earlier in the evening, and laughed at him because she's pale, skinny, dark haired, and wears a lot of black...just like me. D:

30 Name: Otakun : 2008-12-12 23:10 ID:N+41eOp/

Yay Library Girl is back! I'm proud of you for staying strong despite what happened! I don't really know what to say about your relationship due to my lack of experience, but I could be emotional support ^_^

Anyways with the semester ending its to be expected that things have been slow relationship wise as all the slackers within us are trying so hard to catch up.

31 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-12-13 01:28 ID:pGltQLKr


Wow, your boyfriend needs to sort out his priorities. I'm assuming from his attitude he's still quite young. It was the right thing to break up with him. He apparently knows no loyalty. He couldn't keep his job, and accused you of being at fault. He also cheated on you, and even after that was over, he still said he would consider getting that girl even while you were together. He wasn't trying to support the relationship at all.

There are better guys out there. I wish you good luck finding one.

32 Name: Library Girl : 2008-12-15 23:35 ID:KSmQ9bS4


Thanks, both of you.

I've spent the past few days moving, and will spend the next few visiting a friend in another city, so don't expect to hear from me for a bit. In the meantime, I'll try to have romantic adventures to keep you all entertained when I get back.

33 Name: Library Girl : 2009-01-04 09:03 ID:ttnDXuXp

Hey everyone! I don't know if anyone cares any more, but here's an update with what's been happening in my little slice of the world.

I didn't see Glasses Boy at all over the break, but that doesn't surprise me at all. The new quarter starts the day after tomorrow, though, so hopefully I'll see him again.

In other news, I've been talking to a boy I know from a couple years back over instant messenger. He's someone I really liked when I first met him, but he lived in another part of the country. We exchanged emails, but stopped talking to each other after a while. We're recently back in contact, and talking way more than we ever did. Every time I come online, he'll almost instantly message me. I plan to start asking him when he's going to come visit my part of the country soon. I doubt there's any chance of us actually dating because of the distance (it'd take a lot to convince me to do a LDR), but I can definitely see us having a lot of fun together if he came to visit.

34 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-01-04 09:35 ID:MGPXnygE

You're back! Holy crap!

Keep us posted on Glasses Boy, if he returns during this quarter, maybe it's further indication that he's not just there for school stuff.

It seems you have a lot of different available guys, eh? Hey, more stories for us.

35 Name: Library Girl : 2009-01-04 22:20 ID:ttnDXuXp

I do know a lot of boys who I suspect would like to date me (or at least sleep with me, haha). But in every case, there is a big reason why it wouldn't work.

Although, the boy I mentioned in my last post is now thinking of coming to visit my part of the country again. This makes me happy, obviously.

36 Name: Library Girl : 2009-01-10 11:06 ID:ttnDXuXp

Glasses Boy has returned! Well, sort of.

I didn't have classes today, but I had to go to campus anyway to pick up some books from another branch of the library. My roommate came along too, since we were planning to go roleplay with some other friends afterwards. We were walking around campus, and I was joking about how I don't really have any friends at my school. He said, mostly jokingly, that he'd get me the number of anyone I wanted to be friends with - then started asking me if I wanted the number of boys we walked by. Pretty normal behavior for the two of us, really.

When we reached the library, we couldn't find the section that had the books I needed. I was sort of turning around in circles, looking for the section I needed, when I walked into someone. He turned around and said sorry, and I realized it was Glasses Boy. And then he was gone, much too fast for me to say anything like "Hey, don't you come in [the branch of the library I work in] a lot?" sigh

I walked in the other direction with my roommate, who immediately asked me if I wanted "that boy's" number. I started giggling and told him it was the patron I found the cutest.

Nothing more to tell, unfortunately... Ugh, now I'm kind of hoping he comes in the library again. Silly me and my petty, looks-based crush. (The fact that he seems super nice helps too...)

37 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-01-10 20:37 ID:6Uj3JDhx

awwrh hugs you'll probably see him again!
crossesfingersforyou xD

38 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-01-12 21:51 ID:xRNOUnJW

First kiss?

39 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-01-13 02:30 ID:heO72nu1

not always.

40 Name: Library Girl : 2009-01-14 03:26 ID:PsTKJXre

Oh god I think I might be falling for the boy on the internet. FUUUUUCK. D:

41 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-01-14 04:45 ID:MGPXnygE



42 Name: Library Girl : 2009-01-14 18:21 ID:ttnDXuXp


We talk online a lot now. He's a really good guy - the sort of person who, when you first meet him comes off as an entertaining asshole, but then you realize he's actually one of the nicest people ever.

He fucking better come out to visit me this spring. I want to finally at least have a chance to kiss him.

43 Name: Library Girl : 2009-02-19 09:10 ID:ttnDXuXp

Something happened a couple days ago that made me remember this thread. This will probably be one of my last posts in it or with this name, since it really isn't relevant any more.

See, I met someone else. Someone who I really, truly can have, right here and now. No waiting, no distances, no being unsure if he wants me or not - it's awesome!

We met in a kind of random way - I was sitting at my computer, IMing a friend of mine I hadn't talked to in a while. All of a sudden, she invited another person to join the conversation. We chatted about gaming and music for a little while. For some reason I thought he was a girl at first - I have no idea why.

A few days later, my friend added him to another conversation; the next day he added me on MSN and as a friend on Facebook.

The next day I was sitting around on the computer after I got off work chatting with him. I was bored out of my mind just sitting there, but didn't feel like going home just yet. So, since he lives in the same city as me, I suggested we meet up. We ended up having a delightful evening; we ate dinner, went to a late-night coffee shop, then wandered around the foggy city, talking about Elizabeth Bathory and getting yelled at by homeless men.

It turned out that we had delightfully similar tastes in books and music. Our senses of humor are also similar - rather crude, silly, and dark. I'd very clearly decided that it wasn't going to be a date before I'd even met him, though. I don't even remember my reasons for deciding that now.

When I went home, after hours and hours of just wandering around and talking to him, he told me he thought I should be his new best friend. Hehehe. We also made plans to meet up and watch a movie at his apartment the next day.

(Continued in the next post.)

44 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-02-19 09:40 ID:gbhV0Zqy

<waiting for next post>

45 Name: Library Girl : 2009-02-19 09:59 ID:ttnDXuXp

The next day's movie night went well. I started getting a little worried, because he kept laughing at the things I said in a way that really made me think he was interested in dating me. I was still very clear that I didn't want to date him.

After the movie was over, he walked me to my bus stop. As we were standing around waiting for the bus to come, he asked me out. I told him no, to which he responded that it was okay, as long as I'd still be his best friend. To which I said yes.

I then went home, where he proceeded to send me mp3s of several awesome industrial bands.

A couple days later, we went out to see a movie together. Just as friends with similar tastes in entertainment. We had a wonderful time - afterwards we went out for ice cream and couldn't stop laughing for about 10 minutes straight.

That evening I realized that I'd begone to develop feelings for him. I think I wandered around my apartment saying "Fuck! No! Why?" for about half an hour, since dating someone wasn't at all in my plans at the time.

I resolved to make my choice by the end of the next time I saw him. Later that week, he came to visit me at work, and then took me out to see a movie with him and his roommate. Only we couldn't get in in time, so the three of us went out for dinner instead. Afterwards we all went back to his apartment where we played Rock Band for hours and hours.

Eventually his roommate went to bed, and he and I sat on the couch talking. He had his arm on the back of the couch, and I leaned my head against it. Then I scooted over and leaned against his chest. I wasn't even really thinking at the time; it just felt like the right thing to do. We sat like that for a while; he said something about how glad he was he'd met me, and kissed me on the back of the head.

Nothing more happened that night - I decided to go home at that point, because I didn't want anything more to happen at the moment. I was just glad for the human contact and the feeling of having someone care about me again. I knew that I wanted to go out with him eventually, but wanted to take things slowly.

(Continued later after I've gotten some sleep. Upcoming attractions include ice skating, lots more cuddling, and incredibly dorky behavior.)

(Also - my last post isn't showing up on the thread page. Is it working okay for the rest of you?)

46 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-02-19 10:40 ID:MorNlj5m

look forward to the continuation of your story ^_^

47 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-02-19 12:57 ID:iNTaighn

aw... jealous anon grr

48 Name: Library Girl : 2009-02-19 18:11 ID:ttnDXuXp

Who of, me or him? ;)

The next day was a Friday, which is a day I don't have classes but he does. Because of this, I went to visit the school he and several of my other friends go to. We had a really good time cuddling between classes and hanging out with the girl who introduced us. After his classes and work finished, we went ice skating with her and her church group. Neither of us are religious at all, but ice skating is fun, hehe.

I was horrible at skating - I'd never even been on the ice before. At first I just crept along the wall, not having much fun. Then I decided to use him as my "portable wall," meaning I grabbed his hand and off we went, wobbling around and looking silly. We improved steadily as the night wore on, to the point where I probably could have skated by myself. I wasn't about to let go of his hand, though.

After the skating rink closed, we went to a game at his friends' house. We both squished into an armchair together, which was fun. At the end of the evening I was so tired, though. Meeting all his friends at once was exhausting, especially because their average age was about 10 years older than me (he's significantly older than me as well), and there were successful people in their 40s there too. Tiring...

The next day I went over his apartment for another movie, but had to leave before it was over to go to another friend's birthday party. He texted me a few times during the evening before my phone decided to die on me. I didn't get the most important text of the evening till I got home. In it, he'd asked me to be his Valentine. (For the second time: he'd also asked me the day before, but I'd thought he was mostly joking.)

I got on MSN and asked him about it. We ended up talking about the past few days for quite a while. He asked me out again, and I explained all the things that made me hesitate. I finally said I'd go out with him, after making him promise that we'd keep taking things at the same slow pace we'd been.

(I told you there was dorky behavior in store for you - he asked me out over MSN! After asking me to be his Valentine over text! =D)

The next day he was busy playing D&D, but we texted for most of the day. And the day after comes our first official date, which will have to wait till later today to be posted. Look forward to it!

49 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-02-19 22:03 ID:Heaven

Library Girl x D&D Dude.

This is so awesome it almost looks like a made-up story.

Anyway I love stories so please continue :)

50 Name: Library Girl : 2009-02-20 00:17 ID:bqPf+GK9

Hehehe. He's not D&D Dude in my head, though. He's a supervillain. I just know that one of these days he'll show his true nature and tie me to the train tracks.

Actually, I asked him a few days ago when in that first evening he decided I was so awesome. He told me it was probably when we were in the coffee shop, talking about how he's a villain. I told him that I'd be his assistant and/or victim if he wanted me to be.

Yeah, we both have weirdly overactive imaginations.

Anyway. The next day I texted him while I was in school, and asked him if he wanted to get together for dinner that evening. We met in a coffee shop near his house, then wandered around a bit until we found a good restaurant. We had a wonderful meal together, being disgustingly cute. Then we went back to his apartment.

His roommates were both gone, so we had the place to ourselves. We curled up on the couch together for a little while, talking.

Then, we both turned to face each other at the same moment, and all of a sudden we were kissing. It was perfect - not awkward, not too soon.

I was weirdly nervous, probably because he's so much older than me. I guess I was kind of doing the nervous schoolgirl thing. Or maybe it was just that here was someone so compatible with me, and I didn't want to mess it up. Either way, the nervousness faded by the end of evening, and many more kisses followed.

That's all there really is to the story right now. The rest has just been us doing normal happy couple things - lots of kisses, lots of time spent together, lots of joking about robots and reanimated corpses (well, the last part might not be so normal).

As for Glasses Boy - I'm pretty sure one of the other girls I work with is his girlfriend. Doesn't bother me much, though, since I can't imagine he's nearly as awesome as my new boyfriend. He fell asleep in the library a couple days ago, and I had to shake his shoulder to wake him. It didn't do anything for me - he was just some random boy I had to wake up. (It was actually really awkward, haha.)

So the story ends happily for all involved. fades back into the mists of anonymity

51 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-02-20 04:29 ID:ORBbfSPx

clap clap clap clap clap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i gave you a standing applause!!!!
thank you so much for the story~
it's good~
a change from an "empty" feeling to "running a new chapter of life".
i envy the "rock band" part though...
i always want to have a rock band set and played it with my friends together... but that can't be done since i live in dorm... hahahahaha

good luck!

52 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-02-20 06:19 ID:gbhV0Zqy

>joking about robots and reanimated corpses

I do that all the time. What do you mean it's not normal? :(

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