[Distance-troubled relationship] Decision and confession (6)

1 Name: Mandarina Duck!68gMbgrl0k : 2009-03-14 11:10 ID:NUkJr8uv

Hello, Secret Admirers. I am male, 16, currently in the Philippines and still in high school in my last year. As embarrassing as it is, this is the cheesiest that I am able to write.

There is this girl whom I grew up with in an online environment (an online game which I played casually, to be specific), and we got to meet only more than two years ago. When we were a bit younger, we fought fiercely about anything and everything stupid either of us did or said, but we got stuck as 'friends' anyway and got to know each other in this funny way 'til we've considered us and other people as best friends, albeit only online.

A long time passed without much contact between us, and this online gaming convention-competition finale event came up. Needless to say, we met up. Instead of the most annoying girl in the world, I found this very beautiful girl flashing the biggest grin, waving excitedly at me as she found out who I was in the crowd.

2 Name: Mandarina Duck!68gMbgrl0k : 2009-03-14 11:12 ID:NUkJr8uv

Since the story is already long enough, I'd like to skip to this point in time wherein I am now a boy who has kept a girl as someone more than a muse for the longest time.

We met again just two weeks ago for a school dance. I took her to this balcony so we could be alone from this after-party of sorts at 12 in the morning because she said she wanted to get some air. We talked a lot. There, I confirmed something quite disappointing: she's set to leave for Europe by the end of the next college semester. I've been keeping a secret from everyone that I, too, plan to leave for the US or some other country in the soonest possible time, and I told her this. What was supposed to help us catch some air ended up getting us ridden in heavy sighing.

Brought her home at 1:43 AM (it was her who pointed that funny thing out). We embraced as we said our good-byes. We got down the car after, and quite surprisingly, she asked for another hug; I gave her the tightest one I could give, however awkward it was.

3 Name: Mandarina Duck!68gMbgrl0k : 2009-03-14 11:16 ID:NUkJr8uv

Confessing doesn’t seem like a good idea anymore as we’re both leaving soon, although some boys who find her pretty are still sending their last minute poems for her.

Tl;dr: I am now stuck. My future will surely be somewhere that isn’t in this country (wish to be an architect or a designer—both occupations aren’t big where I am). Leaving the Philippines won’t be as hard as I’m not very Filipino anyway [lol], but the issue of losing all possibility of the probability of ever confessing to her and everything else that might follow has been keeping my mind off work. I might be able to follow her to Europe if I ever do plan to confess.

I am in need of your thoughts, anonymous admirers. [Also, first post, quite new to posting in imageboards, sage, tripcodes and the like, please show me around!]

4 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-03-14 13:12 ID:EdiCl2fQ

Well, you seem to be both interested in one another, and still have six months before you. So why don't you go out together?

As for what happens afterwards, you don't have to stop the relationship, although you must understand that it's likely that it does not hold up. Still, you can maintain contact, that's what you have been doing until now, and it seems to have worked.

5 Name: sad_one : 2009-03-14 13:53 ID:sODmpNSN

She seems to like you. Tell her the truth.

6 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-03-15 12:31 ID:mG7i9CAd


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