Girl in love with Girl (14)

12 Name: me : 2009-05-18 17:57 ID:eg3tzjjV

in my experience, the terms 'heterosexual' and 'homosexual' are irrelevant and meaningless. people are very rarely attracted to only one sex (or race!), and their preferences are just as varied as their individualities. if you think she's 'hetero,' don't let that stop you. people fall in love with people, not their genitals. i've 'converted' (more like awakened them to explore other possibilities) more than my fair share of women, so i speak from experience. not saying it'll work for sure; she may have been programmed from a young age to reject homosexuality, and then you'll be up against something larger than you can probably tackle, but just be yourself and get to know her. once you become good friends and develop a strong sense of trust, you can let her know you like her (or that you may like girls) and see what happens. by that stage, she should like you enough not to hurt your feelings by cutting you out of her life or saying something cruel, and she may feel the same way or at least be open to experimenting. who knows, maybe once you get to know her better, or once you try it out, you may realize she's not for you. good luck.

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