I think Japanese women are adorable. Is this bad? (36)

10 Name: kakoiikuroi : 2009-04-24 08:26 ID:1rGk6o6M

Look...I will put it to you like this...I am not joking with you. I'm the Hugh Hefner of Japanese women. I live with 5 japanese girls and I speak both Japanese and English. I'm black and in the entertainment industry. Bottom line...Japanese girls are the most gossipy girls on the planet...even more so than high school white girls. They "keep face" meaning, smile to your face, and talk trash to your back. I know this because I listen to them do it about others all day every day. My 3 main ones are extremely loyal but this is because they have been shown how they should be treated by a man...like a queen, and because I spoil them emotionally and show them true gentlemanship in public, they service me in every way I ask. They are extremely submissive, but two of my main ones are dancers and I can tell you that these two are extremely strong. They have also been in America for 4 years so their personalities have become somewhat Americanized. The bottom line though...whomever mentioned them being just like every other girl in the world, it's true. All CULTURES are different...so you will be learning new things about them all the time, which is really cool, and that part goes for any culture other than your own that you choose to date. I know this because in College at Michigan State University, our campus was extremely diverse, and I played basketball, and I was with women from all over the globe. The one thing that keeps me choosing foreign women over American women, "and in my case, part of my image is Japanese women so it's mainly that for me", but you will ALWAYS have something fresh and new in the relationship, because you guys are dealing with generation upon generation of massive culture differences, so your relationships will always be interersting:0)

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