Remain friends or confess? (5)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2009-11-18 13:59 ID:ufv/BaWi

It's the senior of high school and I can't believe I have a major crush on a friend this late. I've known this guy since 8th grade, but never had any feelings of that sort and I rarely talked to him for the past three years. He looks like someone really smart and wouldn't even bother to talk with me. But one day we met during our free blocks and we just started talking. Then I found that it's really easy to talk to him and he's really funny! And I also found we have quite a lot in common, so we always have something to about. We talked like... everyday and became such great friends now (only started talking more 2 months ago!). But now I'm sorta crushing on him for he is really a nice guy and his smiles just brightens my day (that sounds so cheesy but yeah..) So I'm wondering should I just remain his friend or confess to him before high school year ends (which is next year in June), or should I just keep looking for signs whether he's got any chance of liking me or not? He said so himself he wanted a gf someday too, but will he ever consider me? (this is what I asked myself...) I'm sorry if I'm being vague, this is my first time using this web forum thing. Thanks ahead.

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