First Date question? (12)

8 Name: Secret Admirer : 2012-01-24 17:45 ID:9u0uoPJB

Well, since you're waiting for him, your best option is to have a warm and encouraging attitude towards his initiatives. For instance don't stand or sit too far from him, don't retreat or freeze if he approaches or touches you. I don't know enough about Indian culture to recommend this, but if in your culture it's acceptable for friends to touch each other when they chat or laugh (as is common for instance in southern European countries), don't hesitate to touch him when you speak with him.

It also helps to be in a place/situation where you sit or stand very close to each other for a long time without fear of being disturbed by intruders. That's why romantic movies have so many sunset beach/star gazing scenes: people can have small talk, while real communication goes via body talk, because of the proximity and comfort. Those places also entertain enough the eye to allow you to enjoy the moment without necessarily feeling the need to keep talking. A comfortable silence can be quite an erotic/intimate experience, and a good transition from chatting to kissing, making out.

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