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Virgin Thread (333)

172 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-08-14 00:45 ID:ncbpqLjd

I'm 23. I was on a holiday with my "girlfriend", my sister and one of my friends (who's actually interested in my sister :P)
We spent one week in the mountains, at a small but comfortable guest house, where we had separate rooms (one room for my friend and sister and one for me and my girl)...
...and yet I'm still a virgin...
The girl gave me a handjob - I was fast ;(
I was in the mood and wanted to step forward but then she noticed that her sleepwear was stained. She got mad at me and totally ruined the mood. :(
Next night I only accidentally touched her stomach with my dick and she got mad again despite it was only a small amount of pre-ejaculate... she destroyed the mood again... X(

...hell I'm gonna be asexual!