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Virgin Thread (333)

207 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-07-11 10:10 ID:ADO4MFLj

what means gaiafag? anyway, nothin with fag can apply to i, (204) cos i a girl :)

its not 'people' who thinks losing virginity is a trophy or something to brag about, its mostly just idiotic males that think that.
sex is definitely best if you're in love with the person, i definitely agree with that :)
about guys waiting till they get married, hmm myself and a vast amount of other females would much rather marry a guy with at least some amount of experience. they need to know what they're doing!
waiting for marriage or a really special relationship cos u genuinely want to do that is great! but there are a lot of people who just havent had a suitable opportunity and use such things as an excuse, which is dumb.