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Virgin Thread (333)

226 Name: 43 : 2007-07-15 07:52 ID:zSpNKdfv

22 years old.

I remember back when I was 15 my best friend implied she'd pay me to have sex with her just because at the school she transferred to she was the only virgin so she just wanted to get rid of being the odd one out. I refused...

When I was 16 I had a 4 month long relationship that kept me away from my studies and I didn't really feel anything in there. After we split up she turned into a stalker and would call me twice a day. Then she implied she would do anything to have me back. I refused...

When I was 17 I had another 4 month long relationship which was particularly awkward. I had this bimbo chick who confessed to me and I said "ok" just to make her shut up 'cause i thought she was fooling around with me but she was serious. I remember she was a year older than me 'cause she had failed and also I remember I couldn't stand her conversation which was 90% about her and 10% about the thing she liked or disliked. So instead of listening to her I'd teach her maths instead. She held my hand once and that irritated me so I told her I didn't like being touched to which she replied that she had the cure for that while she held my middle finger in a suggestive way while giving me a glance with a flirting expression on her face. I refused and said stuff that I reckon made her feel bad and lowered her self-esteem as female...(i regret saying that shit BTW)

Now that I talked to some girls I met a long ago they have said they used to like me but I seemed to be unapproachable. It seems I pretty dumb for guessing people's feelings and I also lack the skill to handle such situations. Which makes me wonder, maybe there is someone who likes me at this very moment but my ineptitude wont allow me to notice. I don't care about virginity now, but I'd like to be on a relationship. Also, I'd like to go back in time and slap myself for being an asshole at that time.