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Virgin Thread (333)

234 Name: uemei : 2007-08-02 03:17 ID:m3102R9f

26 years old. I don't think that with 0 Exp. I can be loved for my sexual performance. I don't want to be 'trained' to do sex the way an experienced woman wants me to, but rather to learn how to with some one of my own Lv.

I've considered foreign romance, but allot of the times traditional values are accompanied by traditional gender roles, and I don't want to be with some one who is content in their life being a brood mare.

In America only 1 in 20 women maintain their virginity to adulthood, and that number declines sharply between 25, and 27, which are the average ages of 'initial' marriage in the US.

Surveys list sex, or a euphemism there of, as the number one thing people would do if the world was going to end. I'm not sure I would, because I want to REALLY be loved, and want to inspire actual sexual attraction in my hypothetical lover.