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Virgin Thread (333)

273 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-09-15 00:31 ID:7/8qc6GR


If you're going to stick to the motivation that getting a gf, getting laid and have a family or what the fuck ever is your highest purpose or goal in life you might end up being quite a sad person indeed, a very unfulfilled individual, depressed, lonely and bitter.

You might wanna change your goals, you might wanna change your lifestyle.
Stop fapping, stop playing mmorpg's, stop reading doujinshi. Your life is pathetic and you know it. You can find yourself a purpose, get involved, a higher meaning to life. You can be an asset or a burden, to yourself and others. If you are a cure and a light in your surrounding, you will be appriciated, and you might find yourself getting hooked up with someone who appriciates you.

Then, dull doesn't matter for shit, because in the end fun and games will save noone.