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Virgin Thread (333)

316 Name: Green Hamsterminator : 2009-02-25 07:21 ID:eTGtvvih

I'm still a virgin...
I don't think it's wrong... since getting laid just for getting laid is much more like "being a protitute" with the trademark "Free services if customers are cute".

Well getting laid easily seems like a dream to some, I find myself on the other side. Not that I have always did, but I have made some points in my life and it has come to this.

Everytime I was close to have sex, it ended up that I discovered that the girl have hide some horrible or painfull things from me. From the hidden boyfriend to the automutilation, it always ended up under the 3 months of serious relationship. (Serious relationship is when you take a lot of your time to be with her, and not only knowing her)

Maybe I'm at fault for still being a virgin, but if I check back, it would have been a mistake to give it to them since they never have been a girl which I felt in love that told me the truth about their feeling.
Maybe I felt that it wasn't the right time, back there.

But the unknown is still unknown... so that's why I'm always keeping some condom in some safe place in case the unknown become known.

I'm 21 years old and I'm friend with more girls than boys... And I'm still a virgin. (For some reason, I find myself more confortable with being with girls, than boys. But I'm a hetero-straight. (I wouldn't even want to do a 100-o-some with 98 girls and 1 guy... I would prefer to stay virgin!)

But, well, don't thrust books and stuff like that... Thrust your own feeling and try and loose as much as it's necessary until you score. (not that I'm the one who should talk)