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32 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-01-14 19:50 ID:W7oXeuYH

Yeah, I most definitely belong in this thread. About four or so months ago, I met this completely awesome girl, you know, the kind of chick you love to talk to, love to be around, and most definitely love to get close to?

Yeah, so she's already had a boyfriend, even when I first met her... actually, then she was also cheating on her boyfriend, but I didn't really think any less of her for it. I figure that's all because I thought that if she just went ahead on cheated on both of them with me I certainly wouldn't mind at all.

She told me all of her troubles when we hung out, and I tried to give her the best advice a semi-rational, straightforward-ish and pretty much totally in love guy could give without completely betraying her or anything. She tended to say 'I love you' to me a lot, though, so pretty soon I started replying to it instead of just being completely confused. She'd also started saying that she wished she could've met me before she met these other two guys, that I'd be so much more fun to be with, etc, etc... she even kissed me at one point. That's pretty much the best moment of my life, right there.

She broke things off with the other guy, told her boyfriend and everything. I was kinda shocked that she did that all of a sudden and all, but they ended up sticking together and I was at least glad she'd made the right choice and all. But still, damn, she kept saying 'I love you', kept wishing out loud that she could just go out with me and all that... pretty soon I was wishing out loud that she'd go out with me, too. I didn't wanna force her into anything, though, so I still tried to keep a little distance.

Recently, I stayed over at her place, woke up too damn early, and suddenly ended up really depressed for no damn reason at all. While we tried to figure out why the hell I was so down, she mentioned that she'd decided to stay with her boyfriend forever and ever, and that made me feel worse for some reason. Maybe because three or four days before she'd said to a friend of mine that she most definitely wanted out of her relationship?

So yeah, 'sup 4-ch, I'm anonymous and I'm stupid in love with a girl I'll probably never ever be with. I figure you guys would have some horribly perceptive things to say, or at least some mean and/or funny things to say, since both the girl in question and my best friend have no idea how to handle this, or even what's going on in my mind. But... I'd rather they not get that last part, it's annoying as shit to decipher all that.