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35 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-01-14 21:21 ID:W7oXeuYH

Hmm... My problem is that even if I find a girl that I like. I usually get to overthinking about what possible negatives could come out of the situation, of trying to talk to her... I have some friends who are girls but then im always affraid to try to move anything beyond the friendship stage and possibly make things uncomfrotable between us.

I always try to "live life without regrets" or some other noble example of the same idea. However this part with females is somehow entirely different somehow and i cant seem to take that same mentality toward women that i like, and might possibly want to be more serious with.

I can't really say i want sex out of a relationship. I seek companionship more, but maybe that is another drawback considering im in my early 20's.

I guess there isnt much of a question more than a telling of my own stupidity, but suggestions to help me to talk to various girls or good places to go to talk to them... Sure im going to college but that doesnt seem like a very good place to talk to girls considering my college is mostly a "commuter" college".

and i lament.